Ben's party starts at nine, it’s eight-thirty and I still haven’t gotten ready. I am sitting in a pile of clothing, searching for the perfect outfit. I've tried on about fifty dresses and skirts and yet I still found nothing. Ben's going to kill me if I'm late; I'm never late for anything. Why is this so hard? It’s not like I'm trying to impress anyone. It doesn’t matter what I wear, no one is getting me tonight.

I close my eyes and pick up the first thing my hand touches. When I open them again, I know I've messed up the second I take a look at the dress. It’s tiny, black, and leather. Sara bought it for me and I've never worn it. It shows too much boob and doesn’t cover enough ass. When I readied myself to toss it, the doorbell rang.

Crap! Mel and Ash are here and I'm still in sitting here. I run down stairs and open the door. They both buck their eyes at me. "Wow- um-" Ash starts; he rubs the back of his neck nervously. "You look- uh- nice." He stutters quietly. I smack his chest and glare at him. Mel steps in front of him and looks me up and down, her mouth hanging open.

"What have you been doing all day?! Pig farming?" She asks taking in my paint covered overalls. I was having a little art session in my bedroom earlier today. This time my painting is of Cheveyo as he got stronger.

"I'm not ready!" I whine throwing the dress in the air. Ash catches it and looks at it with wide eyes.

"Wow, is this what you’re wearing?" He murmurs still staring at the tiny dress. Mel elbows him in the ribs causing him to go into a coughing fit. She hadn’t realized she had hit him so hard so she was trying to pat his back and she kept apologizing.

"Oh God Ash," She yells. "I'm sorry Snuggle Bear!"

"Ha! Snuggle Bear!" I chuckle. "But seriously," I mutter going from giggly to serious so quick Mel and Ash gave each other a funny look. "I don’t have anything to wear and I need to talk to you guys about something." We walk into the living room and sit down. My dad had the couch replaced after I threatened to become an arsonist. I take a deep breath and prepare to tell my twelve year old secret to my best friends.

"Is everything OK, Shawn?" Mel asks with concern. I sigh and shrug my shoulders.

"Guy's, I've had a secret for the past twelve years," I murmur. "I've been too afraid to tell anyone but Sara and she thinks I'm nuts now."

"You can tell us," Mel says giving me the most supportive tone she can muster. I close my eyes and take a deep breath.

"I'm in love with a man that only exists in my dreams!" I blurt out quickly. I keep my eyes tightly closed wait for their reactions.

"Oh come on, Shawn, you can have any guy you want." Mel says rolling her eyes.

"I wasn’t speaking figuratively," I mumble as I open my eyes. Mel looks slightly confused and Ash looks like he's thinking. He then holds up his hand like he has a question. I roll my eyes at him. "Yes, Ash?"

"Are you telling me that you dreamed about a guy a few times and you’re in love with him?" He asks without the slightest bit of humor.

"No, I'm telling you that I've dreamed about the same guy, every night, since I was four." Mel gasps but she still looks utterly confused.

"I still don’t think I understand." Mel mumbles. I sigh and break down our story bit by bit, giving them every detail of every dream, old and new. I told them of my recent visions and of the gifts. Sara had already tried to tell them about her finger but they didn’t believe it until now.

"Can I see the necklace?" Ash asks with excitement behind his voice. I narrow my eyes and clutch the necklace protectively. "Look Shawn, for some odd reason, I believe everything you said and I honestly can’t wait to meet the guy." I smile victoriously inside. Ash believes me and that’s the best feeling in the world next to how I feel about Cheveyo.

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