Friday was here before I knew it. My dad had left out on business. That woman stayed with him all week. When she tried to talk to me at dinner, I completely ignored her. The only woman I want with my father is my mother. I know its selfish but I've havent let go of my one true love and I dont even know who he is.

I ran upstairs to have a moment with my friend google. When I walked in my room I froze. I smelled something. Something I don't smell until I wake up in the mornings. I smelled Cheveyo all over my room. My bed smelled like him, my pillows, my clothes, its like he walked all over my room rubbing his scent everywhere.

For some reason I got a spark of hope that he was here in my room somewhere. I checked my closet and under my bed. I even looked behind the curtains and still I found nothing. When I realized he wasnt there, I broke down. I don't know why I even thought he would be here. "He isn't real Shawn." I repeated and over. It still wont hurt to see what I can find.

I went to the computer and typed google in the search bar. First I typed Cheveyo to see what I could find. His name means 'Spirit Warrior' and Catori mean 'Spirit'.I thought about my dream and tried to find some relevance to the meanings of out the names but came up with nothing. I also decided to try to find the meaning a phrase he spoke in my dream.

"Na hi yu tsi ge se s di, Tsu de ti yv da, O ni u wa gu di di sv, Tsi ga ta ha, A se i, V ga lu tsv. (By this time, years afterwards, I shall return.) I went through hell trying to find the meaning but when I finally did, I didn't know what to think of it. "By this time, years afterwards, I shall return." I said aloud. What does that mean? People dont magically come back from the dead. I watched him die. I pushed the thoughts from my head and I decided it was time to get ready for Austin's party.

After I showered, I threw on a pair of white shorts and a black tank top and applied a touch of makeup. I'm not going to that party looking like a complete slut. I don't have time for guys to push up on me and try to get in my pants. The only reason I'm going is because of my friends. If it weren't for them, I'd be sitting her with a book in my hands or crying.

The doorbell rang and I knew it was time. I walk down the stairs and opened the door. Ben was standing there grinning, he had his hair braided today. He wore his Letterman jacket and a pair of dark jeans. Melanie looked completely different! She is wearing a short, black, strapless dress and heels! Sara is wearing a black halter top, black shorts and red heels. Emmett kept his usual preppy clothes. He wore a yellow polo shirt, tan shorts and tan Sperry's. His artificial hair is styled perfectly.

They all looked me up and down with a frown on their faces. "Youre wearing that?" Sara asked taking in my outfit.

"Yup." I said popping the p. SHe crossed her arms and stared into my eyes.

"Youre not going anywhere looking like that." SHe said seriously.

"I guess I'm not going anywhere then." I said and I started to close the door. Ben's hand shot out and stopped it.

"Who cares what you wear!" He said. "Lets go have some fun." I heard Sara groaned but she finally gave in.

The party is packed. There has to be at least one-hundred people here. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and sex lingered in the air. I spotted Ethan as soon as we walked in. I hid myself behind Ben, trying not to be seen by him. I'm not afraid of him by far, he's just that guy you'd rather not bump into. He's too pushy and he thinks he can have any girl he wants. He's pushed up on some girl now, he'll have in someones bed tonight.

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