(You can skip the first part, she's having the dream again. you can start reading when you see the stars ***)

The night air nipped my skin as I ran through a field of tall grass. The moon reflected off of the river nearby. The air smelled like the fresh river water and I could hear the stir of animals as I ran past them. I am tired and cold, the only thing that covers my body is a small dress made of animal skin and tribal paint. My feet are bare and they hurt, but I can't stop running. I'm looking for someone. I don't know who he is but I know he's the most important thing in my life. 

I tripped over my feet and fell. "Aah!" I yelled as I twisted my ankle. I ignore the pain and get up, I can't give up on him. I have to find him. My pace has slowed much more because of my ankle. I can no longer run so I have to limp my way through as fast as I can. 

I reach the edge of the woods and stop. I'm looking around frantically, searching. I hop into the woods and I begin to scream. "Cheveyo! Ha tlv no?! Ha tlv no?!" (Where? Where?) I don't know what the words mean but I scream them over and over. I hear something and I fall silent to listen. 

"A ha ni!" (Here!) I hear in the distance. " Catori, a ha ni!" (Here!) I assume Catori is my name so I run to voice that calls. I reach a small clearing on the other side of the trees. I see him laying against a large rock.


This is different from any other time I've seen him. The arrows in his chest are gone, but the wounds are still there. "Cheveyo?" I said with wonder. This isn't right. He looks hurt but he doesn't look like he's dying.His face is no longer puffy and I can see just how handsome he really is.

He has very high cheekbones, as do I, his face is strong and utterly beautiful. He has almond-shaped eyes and a prominent chin. His black hair is still in  tangles but his eyes are not as dull as they once were. They are shining brightly with the moon.

"Ga lu tsv, U ga na s dv, Catori." (Come , sweet Catori.) I went and kneel beside him just as I have always done. 

"Ni hi, Ga ne tli yv s gv." (You're changing.) I whispered touching the gash on his chest. There is still an open wound but it looks a lot different from it did before. I looked into his face with astonishment. He was smiling widely and held my face in his hands. The fire I felt seemed to burn hotter now. Its like fireworks going off around the area his hands rest.

"A yv, Ka nv wo di." (I heal.) He said pecking my lips. "A yv, A tu ya s ta nv, Ni hi, i go hi da." (I promised you eternity.)  He said with a smile. I fell into him and cried.

"Ye li ni ge sv na!" (Impossible) I sobbed. "Ni hi, U yo hu sv!" (You died!) He cupped my cheeks in his hands again. 

"Na s gi u wa sv, u que da li,  A yo hu hi s di," (Only flesh dies) He whispered. "A quatse li, A quatse li, Ale ni da s di, i go hi daquu ge sv." (Our spirit lives forever.) I closed my eyes and put my forehead against his.

"A yv, Tla ye li, U da yo hu se di, Ni hi, A si que." (I can't lose you again.) I said with a broken voice. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed me with more love and passion than he ever has. Everything around us vanished and it was just the two of us in the grass showing our love for one another. 

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