"Where are you guys?" I nearly shouted into the phone. The art show is tonight and my friends should have been here by now.

"Calm down," Emmett said. "We're pulling in now. I let out a big breath of air and hung up the phone.

"What took you so long?" I asked walking up to them. They all look very nice tonight. Ben is wearing a white dress shirt with black dress pants, Sara is sporting a long, black, strapless dress. Mel is wearing a cute little floral print dress, she brought Asher along with her. He is wearing a blue dress shirt and black pants, and as always, Emmett is wearing a green Polo shirt, tan khaki's and tan Sperry's.

"I got hungry." Ben said shrugging. I punched him in the arm. I swear, food is always the first thing on that boy's mind! Last year he was late for Emmett's golf tournament because they were having an all you can eat buffet at the Chinese restaurant in town.

"You were more worried about stuffing your face than getting to the show on time?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"I'm sorry but I'm a big boy!" He defended. "I was tempted to eat Mel. Her dress makes her look like a garden salad." Everyone but Mel laughed at his comment.

"Do I really look like a garden salad?" She whispered to Asher quietly.

"No babe," He said pecking her lips. "You look like a sexy fruit salad." She giggled and twirled her fingers in his hair. I rolled my eyes at them. There are paintings that students have done on display all over the museum. We walked around looking at various pieces. Many of them are gorgeous, some I still cant figure out.

"I want to see your painting." Mel said getting excited. "Where is it?" She asked looking around. I turned and at the place where my painting sat. There were people crowded all around it, at least thirty. There were more people surrounding my painting than there were others.

"It's in front of that mob of people." I mumbled. Everyone smiled and rushed over. Mr. Wilkes popped up out of no where and scared me.

"There you are," He said grabbing my arm. "There are a lot of people here who would like to hear the story behind your painting." I froze up. I can't tell these strangers that the woman in the picture is me and the man is the love of my life who is to soon make an appearance from the dead.

"Its kind of personal, Mr. Wilkes." I said before we got to the group. He stopped and looked at me deep in my eye. Mr. Wilkes has always been that cool teacher, you know how most students go to their coaches or counselors for advice? Well everyone comes to him.

He's sweet, kind, generous and thoughtful. Every year for Christmas he buys all of his students a gift. He doesn't go out and buy little bags of candy and a little Merry Christmas note. This guys buys real gifts; camera's, jewelry, clothes. At the beginning of the year he makes his Christmas list.

"You can lie," He said shrugging. "Nobody is going to force anything out of you." I nodded and walked over to the people. "Excuse me," He said. The people in front of us stopped chatting about the painting and turned to us. "This is Shawnee Blackfoot, she is the proud owner of this painting." He looked at me and gave me an easy smile. "Are you up for a few questions?" He asked quietly.

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