"What Daniel Gram West? I mean come on its 3 o'clock in the morning what could be so important?" I said still half asleep while Daniel or Dannie, my best friend, started to mumble about saving a wall from a cat. He was Drunk with a capitol'D'

"I miss you Lol come and get me cause the man wants me to leave." Yep he was drunk and was going to get kicked out of the bar which isn't exactly good since he can't drive drunk and I don't have a license. And at 3 o'clock my parents, Kyle and Grace, won't be willing to drive him.

"Lol I don't like fire come and get me."  At this I got up putting on some black skinny jeans, a Eyes Set to Kill t-shirt, and my black converse. I was gonna have to take a cab.

"Dannie tell me where you are and I'll come get you." I practically yelled at the phone because I could only hear music blasting in my ear and Dannie mumbling to himself. I quickly slipped out the front door and began walking down the street.

"Lol you know that place that we usually go to?" He slurred into the phone. "Well I'm not there I'm at the place that's on fire." Oh now that makes sense. The bar he's at is the Phoenix, all the way downtown. Great. The whole place was designed after the mythical bird. That bar was famous for setting things on fire also it's buildings. Not exactly the safes place to have alcohol.

Dannie quickly pulled me out of my trance with his drunken rambling. "You know whats funny? Your name Lol. That's a funny name it makes me want to laugh out loud."  He started to laugh, Dannie was a little weird when he was drunk. I smiled. He was the one that started calling me Lol in the first place.


I am thirteen and a sophomore that is messed up. I hated the fact that everyone looks at me, I mean just cause I skipped a grade and moved in the middle of the year doesn't mean anything. But my birthday was next month so I guess it isn't so bad. I slipped my braid over my shoulder and let my bangs cover my eyes. I just want to get class over with. I looked around the room I'm taller than most of the girls here. Dammit.

I heard somebody sit down next to me. I didn't look, I just assumed I was in there seat."Hey you're the new girl aren't you?" said a male voice and I looked up to see this tall guy with shaggy blond hair and brown eyes smiling at me curiosity written on his face.

"I guess I am. Who might you be?" I asked not really caring but I was waiting for the teacher who was most likely make me stand up in front of the class and talk about myself like the three before him have. God I hate it went teachers do that!! Maybe I don't want to be noticed but that's not gonna happen. I'm new in town and in a grade above the one I should be in.

"I'm Daniel and you are Lol?" he said as he glanced at my notebook which had my name Lola written on it but my arm covered up the A. I just laughed and mumbled 'Lola'.

"Lola... I think I like Lol better. I'm gonna call you that okay?" He smiled so I nodded and smiled back at him.The rest of the day I stuck close to him and he introduced me as Lol to all his friends.

-End flashback-

Two years later I am sixteen and he was seventeen. I had also grown another 2 inches which officially earned me the nickname giraffe. Not that anyone would dare call me that to my face but I've heard people say it.

"I will be right there. Just stay right where are okay Dannie?" I kept wondering how he got in since my ID doesn't work there and he made them. I heard a shout and a quick okay from Dannie and he hangs up. So I call a cab.

Two hours later Dannie is sleeping in my bathroom after puking his guts out. Grace was downstairs when we can back and she didn't question me, just helped me drag Dannie upstairs. And I didn't help or comfort him because I passed out on my bed $60 gone.

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