Chapter: Meeting You

                “Bran,” Ivey, my best friend called as I came walking toward her my hands in my black leather jacket. Who has a block party in the middle of winter?  I smiled and waved as I made my way to her and gave the lanky girl a hug. She was the only girl in the world that made me feel short, which I didn’t mind feeling for once. I smiled up at Andrew as he came walking over and grabbed Ivey from behind by her waist and picked her up off of the ground and kissed her cheek.

                “Hey Brandy,” He greeted as he nodded at me. I smiled and nodded back.


                “I have someone you might want to meet.” He added on as he beckoned me to flow him and Ivey who he had by the hand now. I sighed and rolled my eyes, I hated the guys Andrew always tried to set me up with, they were either really ugly or had no personality at all. I smiled as we enter a house that was located on the street, the house was warm and it took the nip of the outside cold air off my skin.

                “Yo, Andy!” I heard a group of guys call as we enter the kitchen, I watched as he high fived a few of the boys that were sipping on whatever was in their red solo cups. I watched Ivey as she gave a few of them hugs. I rolled my eyes as I walked past them and they wolf whistled at me.

                “Grow up; you’re not hooking up with me, tonight.” I told them as I flipped my long blonde hair over my shoulder and went on following Andy and Ivey toward the living room. I sighed as the loud bass of the music finally seemed to calm down and only could be heard as a slight whisper.

                “Nicholas!” I heard Andrew call as we walked into the living room, I watched as he walked over to Nicholas Brent and did some short of secret hand shake with him. Nicholas gave him a pat on the back and asked him a few things. “Brandy, come over here.” Andy called as he beckoned me come over. I nodded and made my way over to them. Nicholas Brent! Andrew wanted me to meet Nicholas Brent the leader of the Moon gang, one of the most dangerous gangs to be around.  I looked up at Nick and noted the smirk on his lips. I rolled my eyes at him as I finally made it over to them. If he really thought I was going to be easy, he’s got another thing coming.

                “Nice to meet you Brandy,” Nicholas said as he stuck out his hand for me to shake. I stuck out my hand and grabbed his in return and felt tingles running through my hand.

                “It’s nice to meet you too, Nicholas.” I said softly as he took my hand and brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

                “The pleasure is all mine; sweetheart.” He told me with a smile as he held on to my hand. I smiled back at him and turned to look over at Andy, but he was gone and so was Ivey. “It seems they’ve left you, wanna hang out?” He asked me looking down at the couch that he was just sitting on. He let go of my hand and sat down and patted the cushion beside him. “Come on, sit down, beautiful.” He told me with a wink of his eye. I nodded and sat down.

                “As long as I don’t have to go back out in the cold.” I told him with a soft smile. He smiled back at me and ran a hand through his dark locks that were gelled in their perfect way on the top of his head. His skin was so tan and flawless and his milk chocolate eyes were easy to get lost in, no wonder so many people fell for him, but I wasn’t going to be one of the stupid girls that he talks into going to bed with him, just so he has a new tally in his little black book. 

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