Overprotective by peacefulwriting101
Overprotectiveby peacefulwriting101
" I can't live without you I need you in my life." '' Everything that you have done so far has only caused bad luck for me I can't keep living like this" ...
  • friendship
  • brothers
  • secretcrush
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Onsra(Bittersweet Love) by Zoobles123
Onsra(Bittersweet Love)by xxLizzyCedgewickxx
"Your boyfriend?" He asked roughly, almost accusingly. I nodded, feeling confused. "What will I say?" He frowned at that. "Tell him you're taken...
  • fluffy
  • javier
  • forbiddenlove
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Sinful Pleasure by TreyonnaBlackmon
Sinful Pleasureby TreyonnaBlackmon
Being overtaken by vampires and turned into slaves was life-changing, but for Ellanore, being sold to Raphael Petrovic was definitely life-changing. She's use to moving...
  • lies
  • romance
  • sneaking
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The Beauty of the Psychopath by Lazaruuuus
The Beauty of the Psychopathby Lazaruuuus
He'll Sneak into your room, watches you as you fall asleep and wait until you wake up and you'll witness his beautiful smile and utter the words, "Go to sleep"...
  • killer
  • lazaruuuus
  • smiledog
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The Bad Boy and Me by paradiseislibrary
The Bad Boy and Meby sparkle_bomb
"you idiot, it's all because of you we are stuck here!" he said and i gritted my teeth. "me, how!?" i asked, he clenched his fists. "who would w...
  • idioticity
  • innocent
  • complicatedrelationships
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Off Limits by learod16
Off Limitsby learod16
You can't tell Luke Bryan he is not allowed to have something he wants because he will go for it...unless you're his manager, Kerri, and she warns you that her new perso...
  • lukebryan
  • mature
  • country
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Night Time (Trevor Jackson Superfly) by xomelanin
Night Time (Trevor Jackson dede
In the night time I find We start to lose control Cause in the night time The moon is so bright Animals we turn into But it only happens when I'm with you baby You be sc...
  • period
  • yungmiami
  • miami
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The Locker Room (Edited Version) by electricblue
The Locker Room (Edited Version)by electricblue
Senior year is supposed to be about three things. One, take blow off classes. Two, get accepted into college. And three - party. But then there's Audrey MacDonald, whose...
  • mistake
  • audrey
  • fun
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Our Stars by Waffle05
Our Starsby Waffle05
I groan in frustration as I shut my eyes before opening them again and sitting up. My back aches and my throat is dry, I rub my eyes to find myself on the living room fl...
  • friends
  • stars
  • friendship
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Young addictions  by hunchooBlisss
Young addictions by Huncho Bliss ❄️
Read it 🌸
  • huncho
  • sneaking
  • quavo
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Don't fall in love with a cancer kid by ChristianLaso7
Don't fall in love with a cancer Christian Laso
Skylar Blake suffers from cancer osteoscarcoma, she moves into a house next door to the one and only Cimorelli, Skylar has one rule, never fall in love and if she ever f...
  • sneaking
  • fighting
  • drama
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A story of romance,comedy and teen life...what you need to relax you're mind?
  • neighbours
  • kidnapped
  • overprotectivemom
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Illegal || TWICE by the_glare_you_see
Illegal || TWICEby Zen
Nayeon has always had a crappy life, always having to hide a part of herself from the rest of the world. One day, she has a run-in with a stranger who offers her somethi...
  • coffee
  • sajeong
  • fluff
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Summer Spent with You by LD1519
Summer Spent with Youby Lauren Danielle
"You're not going to see him again, Ava." My daddy told me sternly. I narrowed my eyes at him, "Yes, I am." "No, you're not. It isn't up for d...
  • teenagers
  • love
  • laketriplets
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Living With The Walkerson Boys (ON HOLD) by skittlemix
Living With The Walkerson Boys ( Erin James
Ashleigh Rose is a few months turned 17, and loving life. Her life consists of going out with the guys, having fun with her friends and just being her quirky self. When...
  • spin
  • guys
  • car
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Burning Desire • Justin Bieber by _chasingthesun_
Burning Desire • Justin Bieberby bri
By popular demand! *Based off of the series of images - Stepdad from my JB Images* Warning: This story contains a lot of time jumps!
  • justin
  • sneaking
  • stepdad
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1978 // Why Don't We  by jasminetumey
1978 // Why Don't We by ジャスミン
A girl named Caden Harden lived in Los Angeles California, but made the decision to move to Topeka Kansas in 1978. She finds an apartment, and discovers a group of boys...
  • zachherron
  • crying
  • sneakingout
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him. by astrxnomer
#18 galaxy;;
i am not the kind of girl who sneaks boys into my room through the window. im sure my parents still believe it. and i did too, for 16 years at least, before i met him. e...
  • love
  • sixteen
  • teenagefiction
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AM Adventures by Telepotatoe
AM Adventuresby ᴮᴼᴼᴷᵂᴼᴿᴹ
A collection of short stories on 2 girls that take place in the early am. Things can get pretty different when you're awake at a time that's meant for sleep. Whether you...
  • weird
  • 1am
  • bestfriends
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