Chapter 10! (idk how to name it!)

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Kyrah POV 

I rushed over to Harry’s as quickly as I could. All of the possibilities of what happened running through my head. What if someone was hurt?

When I got there, I didn’t bother knocking and just ran into Harry’s apartment. I found him sitting on the couch, with a distraught look on his face. He looked like he was about to burst with anger.

“Harry, whats wrong?! I came as soon as I can but I…” He cut me off before I could finish. What the hell? He never did that!

“You might want to sit down.” He spoke softly as he patted the space next to him. I sat next to him and turned to face him being met by the beautiful gaze of his eyes. I just wanted to get lost in them...

“So, I went to go give you and Zayn a surprise visit.” He started off slowly. “But, when I got there, I only found Zayn and he wasn’t alone. Look, I don’t know the right way to say this, but he was with another girl.”

I sat there confused. “Wh- what do you mean ‘With another girl’?”

“Zayn was snogging another girl. There, Ky, I said it!”.

With that my heart broke into a million tiny pieces, because I knew what he was saying was true. “Wh-Wha- wha” I stumbled as I felt the tears pour down my face.

“Shh, baby, it’s fine. You were always too good for him, anyways.” Harry whispered in my ear as he cradled me in his arms.

He promised. Zayn promised he wouldn’t hurt me. That JACKASS! Don't I mean anything to him anymore?

 Harrys POV 

 “Zayn was snogging another girl. There, Ky, I said it!”

I saw her face break as soon as I said it. She knew it was true.

Kyrah had told me about her suspicions of Zayn cheating. Why wouldn’t she? I was her best friend. But, she always had that little hope that she was overreacting. Who wouldn't? Nobody WANTS their boyfriend of two years whom you share a flat with to be cheating on you.

“Wh-Wha- wha” she managed to stumble out. Tears rolled down her cheeks, it was absolutely heartbreaing to see her like this.

“it’s fine. You were always too good for him, anyways.” I said truthfully as I pulled her into my arms. She sobbed into my shoulder.

Seeing Her like this was killing me. I loved her. But, behind how bad I felt there was a little bit, of deeply hid happiness. Happiness, due to the point that now I stood a chance with her.

 Zayns POV

 I felt horrible. A couple hours after Harry left my flat, I received a text from Kyrah. It read:

From Babe<3:  We’re done. I can’t believe you’d do that to me Zayn. I thought you loved me… Fuck you. You swore you'd never hurt me. Harry will be over in the morning to get all of my things. Please don’t text or call me unless you can truthfully tell me that you didn’t cheat on me. I really just need my space.

With that I broke down crying. We were done. What the fuck did I do?

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