Paige's POV:

I woke up and found another dress I had to model for today. I kinda like modeling but then again I don't. My door opened and Sara walked in.

"Good moring! Did you see your dress?" she said.

"Yeah. Its another different one," I said. This one was lime green and really frilly. 

"I know right. Have you talked to any of the boys yet?" Sara asked.

"No. I lost all of their numbers when I switched phones last month," I said.

"Okay just wondering. Hannah wants you down stairs in the dress in five minutes," she said.

I got up and put the dress on. Sara helped zipped up the dress and I looked at my self in the mirror. "Wow. That dress really does bring out your green eyes, Paige," Sara said.

"Thanks dear. Well we better be heading down there," I said.


We walked to the stairs and saw Hannah with one of her classes. We waited until she got done with the class before we walked down.

"Wow! You look beautiful Paige," Isabelle said.

"Thank you dear," I said.

"Yes you do. Okay I have some shoes that would go perfect with that," Hannah said.

She walked past me and went to her room. Isabelle handed me an apple and some string cheese.

"Thanks dear. How was this class?" I said.

"Well this one is not one of my favorites. We have more girly girls in this class than the rest," Isabelle said while cleaning up.

Hannah walked down with some light green high heels. "Here try these on," she said.

I tried them on and they were a perfect fit.

"Wow.You are super tall," Sara said looking up at me.

"Thanks again. Whens the show?" I asked.

"In a few hours. We need to go get your hair done. The appointment is in 10 minutes. Go upstairs and get out of the dress and then meet me down here," Hannah said smiling.

"Sara will you come help me?"

"Sure." We walked up the stairs and my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and it was an unknown number. "Hello?" I said while Sara unzipped the dress.

"Paige? Its Jay." I looked over at Sara and nearly collapsed.

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