Up All Night

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Author's note: Laughing at myself for the chapter title. Sorry that I haven't been able to update. I will try to update sometime earlier in the week (Maybe Wednesday) , but I don't know if I can. Also, my Dad has told me that if my grades begin to slip that I will have to put the book on hold until next summer. Therefore, I'm doing my best to balance the two. Anyways, I hope you're all enjoying the story so here it goes- Chapter 21! :)

                                                                     Natalie's POV

Niall took me off the counter and led me into his room.

    "Your lip okay?"

     "Feels better thanks to your mom."

I tried to smile, but it hurt.

      "It doesn't seem okay. You sure you're alright?"

      "Yeah. I'm positive. It'll be better in a little bit."

      "Good. I hate seeing you hurt."

       "Yeah. How's your head by the way?"

        "It's alright. Is there a bruise?"

        "Nope. It looks okay to me."


        "Yeah." I said while awkwardly playing with my hair.

        "Nat, you know something we haven't talked about?"

        "What's that Niall?"

        "What we want to do when we get older."

         "Well, I want to be a nurse or a singer or maybe an English teacher. I'm still not exactly sure."

          "I just want to sing... "

          "Go for it Niall. You could make it."

           "So could you lass. Any way you decide to go you'd be amazing at it."

          "Thanks Niall."

         "You're welcome Princess."

                                                        Niall's POV

She laughed a bit.

        "I still love that." She said.

        "Good. You're going to be hearing it a lot." I said and then kissed her nose.

She smiled at me and we just sat there looking at each other.

        "Natalie, you're asolutely beautiful. don't you ever forget that."

        "Niall, as long as I'm with you I won't be able to. You never let me forget."

         "I know lass."

          "Your Irishness is adorable." She said and then kissed me.

Just then Greg walked in and ruined the moment.

         "IS MY IRISHNESS ADORABLE TOO?!" He yelled.

          "Shut up Greg!" Nat yelled at him between laughs.

          "But I just want my Irishness to be adorable too!" He said and began to fake cry.

          "Sure Greg. Your Irishness is adoraable too. Just remember that Niall's will always be more adorable." Natalie said whie smiling.


Greg then walked out of the room. Natalie and I both looked at each other with the same confused expressions on our faces.

               "Why? Why my brother?"

               "I don't know. I found it kind of pointless. He was only in here for like two minutes."

               "He probably just wanted to bug us."

              "Yeah. He's good at that."

The two of us laughed.

                "Niall, look at the clock. We should be getting to bed soon. Stupid school."

                 "I say we stay up all night. We don't do much on our last day. Besides, I want to be up at midnight."

                  "Why's that?"

                  "I want to be up as soon as it turns to July 1st. It'll be one amazing year with one amazing girl."

As soon as I said that a smile spread across Natalie's face.

                  "Niall, we've proved everyone wrong. In just two minutes we've been together for a whole year. People have tried tearing us apart, but we've showed them that we can't be torn apart. You're one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I really care about you. Thanks for writing letters;  calling me; staying up late with me; treating me like a princess; and all of those other amazing things you have done."

                   "Natalie, there's no need to thank me. I enjoyed ALL of those late nights. From the letters, to the phone cllas, to staying with each other. I've enjoyed every minutes of it."

I smiled and kissed her sweetly. We broke the kiss and looked up to see that it was 12:01.

                    "Happy anniversary Natalie NIcole Nicholson."

                    "Happy anniversary to you too Niall James Horan."

The two of us smiled and kissed again. It slowly turned us making out. I don't know how long we had been kissing, but it seemed like an eternity. I never wanted  to leave that moment. I just wanted to stay there forever. When we finally broke the kiss Nat just looked me in the eyes and smiled.

                    "You're beautiful." I said and kissed her nose.

                   "You're handsome." She said to me softly.

                   "I still can't believe it has been a whole year since we've met in person. I remember the first time I saw you. I wanted to scream, because I was so happy. Seeing you standing there, still in your pajamas with messy hair. You were and are so beautiful. When you hugged me it felt so right. It felt like you just fit there. I knew that I had to get you. No matter how much pain I had to go through I was going to get you. I was so afraid that you had a boyfriend. If you did I would have been crushed. Now you're mine and I don't have to worry about that."

                   "Niall, I'm honestly speeachless. I don't know what to say at all." She said while smiling at me.

                  "You don't need to say a thing. I already know how you feel. I can see it in your eyes and I can feel it in my heart."


So how'd you guys like it? ANY kind of feedback would be great! I really do appreciate everyone who has been here for me the past 3 months. I've had some ups and downs, but I knew this is one place I could come and be happy. Seeing that I had over 900 reads today had me absolutely speechless. All I could do is smile. Thank you guys so much! You mean the world to me. :) xx

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