Opposites attract eachother

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Whats the worst thing that can happen in your life? Being arrested after drinking with your friends and having your mom come bail you out? Leaving your family behind when your away off to college: The answer is none of them. The worst thing that can happen in your life is when you loose a friend. This situation seems so small but it's the biggest situation you can find yourself in. Not just that tears are being shed but also memories. They fall out of your mind as new ones are made. It seems sad doesnt it? It is? Leaving your bestest friend you've ever had over a small arguement. Then having to forget all about her?

Terrible moment. 

How would I know? Well it happened to me. It sucks. I know

Just read on, to know my story

A/N   Hi. Im Becky and this is my first story on wattpad ahhh. okay well this story IS based on my real life and what happened between a beautiful friendship. okay well i have no clue when the first chapter is coming out so just check up on this story every onnce and a while lol. And one more thing is that English is NOT my first language so I will have some grammar fails and puncuation aubfa9ewgts. sorry for that. and my cousin wrote the prologue and this because shes helping me. So thats why theres not many grammar mistakes. her first language IS english so yeee. thats all. 

Thank you and check out my cousin at 'crepaway17' and her story is called 'Work without' its about louis from 1D getting hit by a car. so check her out. Youll love it and this story okay byeeeee

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