No More Lonely Nights - Chapter Thirteen

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23 August 1962

Liverpool, England.

PAUL: John and Cynthia got married today. Small affair at the Mount Pleasant Register Office here in town, nothing fancy. I was there, of course, with George and Ringo and Brian Epstein standing in as best man (I wonder if he forced himself into that position- I’m betting so). Allie came as well so Cyn would have someone on her side of things instead of just all men.

I can’t believe that my best mate could be so stupid as to get a girl pregnant. Had he not heard of the word “contraceptives” before? I mean, really… the main one I feel sorry for in this situation is Cynthia. John is just an idiot if he thought for one instant that having unprotected sex wouldn’t lead to a baby. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the technical point of sex, isn’t it? Reproduction? Guess John didn’t realize that.

I just got home from the set we had performed that night, and I was worn out. I had been awake since five this morning, due to a little thing called insomnia, and I was ready to relax and go to sleep. There was only one thing missing, though, but I would just have to deal with that. Allie only stayed here on Saturdays after our usual set at the Cavern (she told me she always lied to her mother and said she was staying at Megan’s house- I wondered if her mother really believed that). I live for it to be Saturday nights now so that we can spend time together, if you get what I’m saying.

I fished my keys out of my pocket and inserted them into the lock on my apartment door, only to discover that the door was unlocked. Had I gone off in a hurry earlier and forgotten to lock it? I suppose that is what I did, and I stepped inside only to see that my couch was occupied by a very beautiful American girl who I had been longing to see all night. “Allie!” I exclaimed. I flung my bass’s case to the side and gathered her up in my arms. “What are you doing here?”

She laughed and kissed me. “You won’t believe it. My mother’s sister was in a car wreck last night and Mom flew home to take care of her, since their parents are dead and my mom is the only other sibling. I have no idea when she’ll be back since she told my father she would probably go see Marion and Andy as well.”

“So you’ll be over here with me till she decides to come back?”

Allie nodded. “Yes! Probably at least three weeks. Is that all right with you, Paul?”

“Is it all right with me? What do you think? Of course it is!” I sat down on the couch, Allie still in my arms. “I was just thinking on the way home how amazing it would be if I could see you sooner than Saturday. Once a week for certain things just doesn’t work for me.”

“Same for me, but we have to just do the best we can. But we can make up for it over the next couple weeks.” She kissed me again. “How was the set tonight? I didn’t come because I wanted to be over here to surprise you!”

“It was all right, same as always. I think John and Cyn are going to go to Paris for a few days and have a proper honeymoon. So we’re off till they get back.” I sighed and closed my eyes. Having Allie here unexpectedly was a blessing in disguise. I’ve missed her so much this week, it’s nice to know she’ll be able to be around every day for the next few weeks.

“You seem tired,” she mused. “It’s past nine, want to go on to bed now?”

“I am tired,” I answered. “I’ve been up for sixteen hours straight. Sleep sounds good right now. Especially with you next to me.”

ALLIE: I swear, my aunt getting in that wreck and busting like every single bone in her body (well, maybe not all of them, but you know what I mean) was a total stroke of luck, I’m dead serious. My mom and her sister are the only two kids of my now deceased maternal grandparents, so they look after each other (my aunt was married once upon a time, but her husband got killed in the Korean War or something like that. Something war-related in the past ten years) and such. I was starting to get sick of not being able to see Paul on a regular basis with her breathing down my neck every waking hour. This is a relief, not to be disrespectful towards my injured aunt or anything.

We don’t have any plans today, since John and Cyn are in Paris for their honeymoon and therefore causing shows at the club to cease till they return. I’m not in any mood to even get out of the bed, and I’m not meaning that we’re going to be doing anything in the bed, either. It’s nice to just lay here against the pillows and talk to Paul about whatever pops into our minds at the moment. We aren’t always having sex when we’re using a bed for non-sleeping purposes, I know you find that hard to believe, but it’s true. Don’t doubt me on this one.

“How have things been with your mom?” Paul asked. It was eleven in the morning and we hadn’t bothered to even get up yet, content instead to just be lazy under the sheets. “You seem less stressed as of late.”

“Ehh, things will never be perfect. I’m ignoring her. My dad has been keeping her in line fairly well too. So far so good.” I reached over the side of the bed and retrieved my undergarments as well as the shirt Paul had been wearing last night, and I put the apparel on. “Sorry, I had to steal your shirt for a bit.”

He shrugged. “Fine with me, I don’t care. You look cute in my shirts.”

“You always think I look cute.”

“You do!” He kissed my cheek. “Would I lie about a thing like that?”

“You’re cute too, you know. And I don’t lie either.” I snuggled in closer to him. “I mean, really, Paul.”

“I know what you’re saying. I guess you were right when you said that time that there was a reason all those stupid fans at the club faint over me. They’re crazy, all those girls who come to the Cavern. I’m not even looking at them! Why would I, you are infinitely more beautiful than all the girls in the world combined.”

“Paul, I love it when you say things like that. I feel so special.”

“You should feel special, you are! I mean that.” He put his arms around me. “Seriously, Allie!”

“I know. So what, are we just going to lay here all day and not do anything?”

“I see no problem with that at all,” he replied. “What else are we going to do besides-“

“That’s a given. Nothing. Let’s just stay here and doing absolutely nothing.”

“That works for me.”

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