Chapter 6

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"Cato! It is eight o'clock! Wake up!" Clove shouts me right in the ear.

"Huh? Eight? Why do you wake me now?" I fly out of my bed. I take the clothes lying on the chair beside the bed and pulls them quickly on.

"I have been screaming at you for half an hour. It was only when I screamed in your ear as you awoke." Clove looks at me and laughs. "What now?" I turn around and look in the mirror. My hair looks like a hedgehog. I try to flatten it.

"Forget the hair, we have to eat breakfast now if we are going down in time." Cloves bad mood from yesterday is gone and she is the normal Clove again.

"And the hedgehog look really suits you, brings out your eyes." I throw my pillow on her but she dodges and escapes. I sigh and give up trying to flatten my hair and go after the Clove to the dining table.

The food is laid out, and even for me from District 2, it's a lot of food. And even things that I had never seen before.

"They obviously want us to eat as much as we possibly can." I say to Clove and sit down. I pick different kinds of bread and something that looks like some kind of pudding. I'm pick up a familiar bread and look at it.

"District 2"

"What did you say?" Clove asks.

"The bread, our bread. The other breads must be the other districts."

"Cato, eat." Clove smiles and continues eating.

I eat the bread and look carefully at the others and trying to find out where they come from. I eat as much as I can and so does Clove. Both of us understand that we must be strong when we enter the arena.

"What do you think about District 1?" Clove looks at me and I put down my glass.

"Marvel seems to know what he's doing. Spear throwing is not simple." Even I who has trained with spears for ten years, don't always hit the target.

"If he really is so good, he will be a good Ally."

"Not better than me well?" Clove says and looks at me.

"You are better" I smile and continue.

"Glimmer reminds me of a little girl who is not quite sure what she's doing. But we'll see in training, how she handles the bow."

"Cato,it's a quarter to nine, we must run NOW!"


We go out of the elevator and see Nea and another woman. The woman comes up to me.

"Cato, huh?"

"Yes, that's me." I reply, and frown. Fortunately, only Clove notice it.

Clove whispers something to Nea and looks angry. Nea nods and looks at me with a little smile. Then she whispers something to my stylist.

"Okay, enough talk. Time goes, we've got to go now." I say to them.

"Got it," says Clove and grins at me as I follow my stylist to a door with a blue 2. I look Clove go through the door next to mine.

The only thing that is in the room is a steel bed to lie on and a large table filled with different styling things. My stylist throws a towel at me.

"Go and undress. Prep team is coming soon. See you when you are fixed." She points to a door and then goes out. "God, what a fun type" I murmur to myself and walk towards the door. The room is small and everything that is there is a small box. On the box, I see a little note. I'm picking up the note and read what it says on it. "Put your clothes in the box and they will be brought to your room. Anything that is not in the box will be burned." I undress and put the clothes in the box. I wonder who's in my prep team. I pull the towel around me and go out from the small room. Three women, perhaps only five years older than me, are standing next to the table. When I enter the room, they look up. They look at me as if I were from another planet, and without that I can do anything, I feel how I blush. One of them comes up to me and pushes me to the steel bed . "Up now, so we can start". I climb up on the bed, careful so I don't drop the towel.

The two hours I lay on the bed is almost the worst two hours of my life. The prep team pulls me down from the steel bed and put on a chair that someone have carried in.

"Now we'll fix your hair." one of them says enthusiastically. Yeah, even more torture. Are they not done. The hair on the head was the only hair I have left and I have no desire to get rid of it.

"You don't cut of my hair." I growl at them.

"Take it easy dude. We have received special instructions about your hair."

"Special instructions from who?"

"Take it easy dude. We can't say, but you'll apparently know when you see." Well, I guess this has to do with Cloves secret talk with the stylists. I look once more around in the room and when I am quite sure that I do not see a pair of scissors, I lean back in the chair and let them fix my hair.

After about half an hour they step aside and let me get up. One of them get a mirror and shows me how I look. Just as I thought, Clove was the one who had decided how my hair would look like. My hair looks exactly like it did when I woke up today. In short, like a hedgehog. I laugh silently when I remember how Clove said that hedgehog style suits me.

"So off now!" I get pushed to another door. "Go now and good luck." I walk through the door and see my stylist.

"So I guess I should get some clothes now." I say to her. "Exactly! So off with that towel now."

"Seriously? You mean I have to stand naked in here now?"

"Yes, you can choose yourself. It's either that or I'll send you out in just the towel."

"Okay, just because I do not want to lose the towel in Live TV." I throw the towel on her.

"Wait there, I'll check the measurements for the last time." Well, this is the way to do this. Standing naked in the middle of a room with an unknown type that measures the clothes. Fun ...

"So here you go, get dressed then." She throws a pile of clothes for me.

I'm pulling my clothes on me, without seeing what I'm wearing. I want out of this room. Away from my mad stylist and instead be with Clove. Just then I see myself in the mirror.

"Why do I have a dress on me?" I ask to my stylist. Just when I thought that she couldn't get crazier...

"That is no dress. It is an ancient warrior costume."

"And why should I have an ancient warrior dress?" Maybe I still should have chosen the towel, nothing can be worse than an old dress.

"Can you no history boy? Your so-called dress represents strength. And strength .."

"And strength represents District 2, I know" The words strength and District 2 is something all children in Panem learn to connect.

"And finally the headpiece. It is made of same material as the victor's crowns, to show that you guys are winners."

The headpiece was a crown with two wing-like things on the sides. It had the same golden color as the rest of my costume.

"Why gold?" I asked gruffly.

"Ah, it's just to attract attention. Hurry now and stop being so inquisitive."

I put on the headpiece carefully, and then go out the door.

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