The 12 Days of Christmas Stories

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For the 12 Days of Christmas (more or less!) we have a very special collection of romantic shorts, come and find what's in your stocking every day!!!

 On the 10th: Chistmas Curse: A Holiday Romance by BrittanieCharmintine

11th:  All that Glitters by kristimcmanus

12th:  Wheels Up For Christmas by rskovach

13th:  Christmas In New York by TaniHanes

14th:  A Kiss At Christmas by elsetterby

15th:  The Best Man by catrinaburgess

16th:  Something More by 4thpowermama

17th:  Anastasia by BrandonWong048

18th:  Frost And Forfeits by AdelynAnn

19th:  If Wishes Were Kisses by krazydiamond

20th:  A Christmas Proposal by BindingTies

21st:  Sweet On You by gabycabezut

22nd: Christmas Spirit by liliancarmine

23rd: Elf by ShaunAllan

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