Chaper 17 ― Zayn

Probably there were many girls out there who could see me for who I really was, certainly Alex wasn’t the only one, but when I told that to Mila, I was only thinking of her. She could see the real me, even that part of me that I tried to hide, she treated me like I was any normal lad and she didn’t forgive me everything. If she didn’t like something about me, she just told me that to my face. Mila had the same characteristic that made me fall for Alex, but she was different, she was unique in her own way and, I discovered that day, I quite liked her way.

I liked that she had her temper, that she seemed so confident and strong, but I had a feeling that she wasn’t all what she pretended to be. I knew there was so much to know about her and I needed to know all that. I needed to know her, just her. All her secrets. Everything about her. That was why I told her about Alex despite the fact that I never talked about her and my feelings for her with anyone else. I always kept those feelings to myself, but incredible as it might sound, it felt great to let it out. Even a little bit. I wished I could express myself better, but it was hard to find the words when I wasn’t quite sure why I liked Alex in the first place. It couldn’t be only because Alex treated me like a normal boy or because we had loads of things in common, there should be another reason but whilst looking at Mila in the eyes, I couldn’t remember.

I didn’t know how long we stayed like that, in silence looking at each other’s eyes but it felt like forever yet like nothing at the same time. Weird and so hard to explain, but it was like the concept of time had just lost its meaning during that moment. I didn’t even notice how I started to get closer and closer to her and Mila didn’t back away, her eyes still locked on mine. For a couple of seconds, I looked at her lips and this need inside of me kept pushing me closer and closer. God, I just wanted to—

“Zayn, where are you, mate?” My thoughts were cut off by a deep and husky voice that could only belong to Mr Harry Styles. Suddenly, I felt this urge to kill him. “You left your phone in the room and your mum is calling you!” He kept yelling and I heard him getting closer.

I was frozen on my spot, still at mere centimetres of Mila, my eyes on her lips and my heart beating so fast. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and breathed in, controlling the impulse to kill my band mate as I pulled away. I felt Mila stirring on the sofa and I could guess that her cheeks were burning as much as mine.

Soon, Harry showed his head up in the living room with my phone in his hand. “Oh, here you are!” He said stepping closer and with a big smile. “Your mum called…” his words faded away as he noticed the awkward silence between Mila and I and how we were avoiding each other whilst he was there. Maybe he also noticed our bright cheeks. “Am I interrupting something?” He asked and I was about to throw him a cushion in the face. Maybe the whole sofa.

“No, nothing,” I told him between gritted teeth. Just a very crucial moment between Mila and I, you arsehole! I added sarcastically in my head.

“Hmm,” he mumbled and I just wanted him to hand my phone back so he could leave. “You okay, Mila?” He asked and just there I dared to look at her. As I suspected her cheeks were red and as I glanced at her, so did she and when our eyes met, she blushed even more.

“Yeah, I just need to go outside a moment. See ya later, boys,” she said and without waiting for an answer from us, she stood up and walked out of the room, passed through the window-door to the yard in the middle of the could afternoon. She was going to freeze outside!

“Zayn, tell me I didn’t interrupt something important,” Harry begged still looking at the place were Mila disappeared. “Niall keep telling me I have the worst timing ever.”

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