Karak Highway

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I decided to let you all in on one of Malaysia's most iconic and famous haunted highways, drumroll please! -------- Karak Highway!

Yes, Yes I'm pretty sure some of you have heard of it well but others haven't! I suggest that you all sit back, grip you pillow or teddy bear half to death and listen to my tales of Karak Highway...

Karak Highway... Mention this name to any of us Malaysian locals and we'll give you a suspicious look that says Are you planning on using that highway? we all know about that highway, from the eldest of the old and the youngest of the young, we are all familiar with the tales of Karak Highway.

Yellow Volkswagen
Volkswagen Kuning

First of all, let me introduce you to the first ever tale

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First of all, let me introduce you to the first ever tale... The tale of the Yellow Volkswagen or also known in Bahasa Malaysia as Volkswagen Kuning.

Malaysia went into a wave of havoc when there were continues reports of a yellow Volkswagen appearing at night when you're driving your car on Karak Highway.

It is said that it only appears when you're driving your car there at night. Many people who have used this certain road at night would have the chance of being fuddled with the ghost of the yellow Volkswagen.

The yellow Volkswagen will appear in front of you out of nowhere and will drive slowly.... When I mean slowly I mean really slowly! Literally!

Anyways, it's either take no risks and drive behind it or let's be crazy and overtake it.

If you overtake the yellow Volkswagen and speed up and off in front of it, the yellow Volkswagen too would speed up overtake you and then drive slowly in front of you again.

Whatever you do when it's overtaking you don't look outside your window because you might see into the yellow Volkswagen's window and see that there is no driver driving it!

It is rumoured that the yellow Volkswagen was probably originated from some accident that happened on that road, no one knows whether the rumour is true or not.

If you know anything about the origins of the yellow Volkswagen please do comment on this paragraph.

Back on track of the story, the yellow Volkswagen would keep on repeating this so please don't infuriate the spirit of the yellow Volkswagen because if you do, it would either end up with you dead or seriously injured.

If you keep on overtaking the yellow Volkswagen, it will appear in front of your car and drive really fast and ram straight into your car. So better safe than sorry, mate. Don't wanna risk your life when playing with this spirit.

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