shot 7

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Kiara & Sunny lost in thought's, doorbell ring, Sarla came out from kitchen look Chipmunks are busy in their thoughts, Sarla open the door, Alia enter in house, she look to kids & ask to Sarla..

Alia- what they are doing here, di is busy somewhere..

Sarla- no, she came late for home, so I pick them from school..

Alia keep her bag on table & say- something happen to both..

Sarla give her water of glass- no, why are you asking..

Alia- they both are so silent, that's it..

Sarla- they both thinking about Pragya..

Alia look to Sarla- about what..

Sarla- marriage..

Alia- maa yaar don't do that, she don't want to get marry, then why you forcing her..

Sarla- she needs someone, who takes care of her..

Alia go near kids & disturb their thoughts & say- she's capable her owns..

Sarla- how many days, how many months.. ok, how many years, she capable her owns, everyone's life a times period come, they need someone..

Sunny- and massi, Maa gives us much time..

Kiara- yes massi, that's why we look someone, who gives his time to her only..

Alia nodded in negative- great! Think once about her, & her decision is matter most..

Sarla- are you in our mission..

Kiara- haan massi plz enter in our mission..

Alia- I'm sorry, but I'm much loyal towards my sis..

Sarla- somehow help us, to find out good guy for her..

Alia stuck on her decision- no..

Again doorbell ring, Sarla open the door, Abhi enter in, Alia look him & start to making faces, Abhi look that..

Abhi- Oye why you start making faces, haan, weird smell come from me.. here you & there fuggy.. I can't understand you both girls..

Alia- very good, that you can't understand us..

Abhi look to Alia & say to Sarla- rockstar Maa, Purab Khanna.. a perfect match for Pragya..

Alia listen Purab's name, her eyes get widen & say- no..

Abhi with mischief tone- why..

Sarla with confusing tone- haan, why..

Alia- coz he's mine Maa, I like him.. I know he's from Di's industry, that doesn't mean you look him perfect guy for di..

Sarla with bit shock tone- Alia what are you saying.. you spilled a truth in front of me..

Alia- maa what's the big deal.. it's truth only.. but plz no Purab Khanna for di..

Sarla smile- ok Abhi, cancel the Purab..

Abhi- Nikhil Sood..

Kiara- a villain..

Abhi look her- means..

Sunny- he's not good for kids, he's dominating..

Abhi with confusing tone- when you both met him..

Kiara- we both look him in TV program.. he never show some pity on kids..

Abhi- ok, I cancel him personally..

Sarla- who's the next one..

Abhi- King Singh, he will be here soon, he is good friend of mine, he comes to India for holidays, after he comes, I personally sent to fuggy & King for dinner date.. what say..

Sunny- no..

Abhi irks- why no, what's the problem now..

Sunny- rockstar, you sent mumma for dinner date but for mumma, we comes first.. so first King have to meet us, then you send mumma for dinner date..

Abhi smile- good idea kuchi..

Kiara- again one problem..

Sarla, Alia, Sunny, & Abhi look her, & with one tone- what!

Kiara- how can we convince mumma for a date, without her knowledge..

Abhi with irks tone- why God! Why! Why you create fuggy on a earth..

Sarla playfully slapped on Abhi's arm..

Abhi to Sarla- why you gave this much freedom to her..

Sarla- everyone blame me.. why..

Kiara- clam down! I have one idea..

Alia- kishmish too much bad you are..

Kiara smile- what to do, I want Mom to be settled soon..

Alia- I'm informing to di..

Sunny with innocent face & tone- mau (massi) plz for us.. don't do that..

Alia- hey you can't trap me with your innocent tone, I can't bear your innocent faces..

Kiara hold Alia's hand with innocent tone- plz mau.. for us..

Alia unwillingly say- ok..

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