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"mom! you know this isn't okay. if the police find o-" "the police wont find out, right boy?" she questioned, moving towards mark in an intimidating way that made him nod and look down. his mother, kept slaves in their basement, so that they didn't have to do anything, and could just order them around.

she had just gotten someone to kidnap a 18 year old boy to add to her slaves in the basement, mark never asked them to do anything because he found it cruel. they are humans who don't deserve to be treated like dirt, but that was exactly what his mother was doing. acting like she's their superior but in reality they're better then her in every way possible.

the boy was currently on the couch, unconscious. he looked really cute, he had orange hair, his plump lips were parted slightly and he was wearing a pink turtleneck sweater. mark wanted to punch his mother in the face, she was taking innocent kids and treating them like shit. there was already 5 teens in their basement, and now their was 6 of them.

"mark, move him down to the basement, make sure to chain him to the wall like the others." his mother said before going to the kitchen to get s beer. the 19 year old sighed and lifted the teen up and made his way to the basement door. he'd always wanted to report his mom to the police, but he was too scared to do so. she said that if he tried, all the teens would be dead before they got their.

he walked down the stairs, the orange haired kid in his arms, and immediately the other 5 boys got startled before realizing it was just mark. he set the boy down gently and then put the stupid handcuffs on him so his arms were above his head like the rest. mark sighed and scratched the back of his neck, he felt terrible.

"did she really kidnap another one?" the youngest asked quietly, looking down at his lap. "sadly she did sungie." mark said and sat down so he could talk you he teens. he was the one thing keeping them just slightly happy, he'd sneak them candy and good food, tell them jokes and make them laugh so that they weren't completely miserable.

currently, jeno was completely silent because he was the victim to his mothers punishment because he accidentally dropped her food after burning himself. he had bruises and deep cuts on his back from the belt his mother used to whip them sometimes. mark felt bad for him, he got hurt and dropped something and because of it he got hurt more.

after the whole thing happened, he told his mother he was taking him back to the basement, but first got a first aid kit to treat his injuries so they wouldn't get infected. after that, he didn't speak at all, and still hadn't, it was quite concerning since he was normally making jaemin and renjun laugh with his dumb jokes.

his mother was slowly draining the teens of their happiness and energy, it was terrifying. someday they were just gonna be dull, empty shells of people who have been drained of their personality completely. mark knew his mom was a monster, but for some strange reason he still loved her, and hoped he could get her to set the teens free.

"mark lee, get your ass up here, your father is on his way and he can't know about this!"

oh, this is gonna be hella angsty.

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