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You looked around, Fred's parents were incredibly rich so why did the power go out, and on top of that the weather was fine. You soon felt like there was someone else there with you, and you didn't like it.

You knew you had to remain calm, and think about your options if you wanted to get out of this situation smoothly and safely. 

You soon grabbed your phone to text the group only to get a text from Hiro about getting out of the house as fast as you could. Before you could go and sprint out of the house, you felt a hand grab your wrist pulling you back.

As you were turned around you saw a man wearing a mask similar to the man with the others. The difference was that this one was taller, broader shoulders, his stance was also different. His mask also had a large scratch on the side of the mask.

He then pushed you against a wall as you struggled from his reach. You kicked his shin as hard as you could only for you to feel him push a cloth against your mouth. You soon felt the urge to pass out but continued to thrash against his hold.

You knew you weren't going to be able to stay awake and fight him off. You were unfortunately correct, you soon you lost the battle and feel under. Right before you felt the mysterious man pick you up and slump you over his shoulder. 

Then you saw nothing but darkness.

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