Chapter 50

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Lainee POV:

I slept over at Nash's house since he was leaving to visit his momma they both canceled everything for there mom

I woke up at 5 but Hayes was to tired I felt bad I grab his fav meal for breakfast

Which was cereal but anything to make him feel okay I brought it to the room and he was still asleep

I kissed his forehead "babe" I said

He was still asleep "hayes" then I shook him "whaat" he said waking up

"Babe you guys gotta leave soon"

"Ughh" he said

"Here I just got you cereal and imma wake up Monica"

"Thanks babe" I smiled an knocked and Monica and nash were wide awake"

"So nash is gonna make a video right now about us dating " she said

"Aww omg I'm excited" I said

"Me to aha , anyway I'm gonna get dressed "

"Alrighty "

Nash POV:

I didn't sleep much I woke up at 4

and woke up Monica she was

talking to me about us

And I decided to let the fans know about us and ya we will make a video when we leave .

We ate breakfast and it was time for the video

"Monica, Lainee Hayes "

They all came "okay let's make the video " I turned on the video

"What's up guys I'm here with my brother hayes Lainee and this beautiful lady next to me Monica, "

Aww you are so cute" Monica said

"Ahaa well this is a quick video so yes this is who Hayes is dating Lainee and I now I have news .. I am no longer SINGLE" we all said

" I am dating Monica for over a year you guys might be mad but I'm not I love her and you guys can't stop me "

"I think that if you are a true fan of nash all of you guys would understand like wit me and Hayes we have a lot of people supporting us and the hate really does hurt" said Lainee

"Exactly well anyway I gotta run to the airport hopefully you guys understand we love you all bye" I said

Monica POV:

Love you all bye he said

"I love you" I said to him

"I love you to"

20 min we were at the airport

"I love you please be safe imma miss you call me 24/7 I'll be here with Lainee I love you " I said kissing him so many times

Hayes POV:

" Imma miss you FaceTime me or call me I love you so much I hope you come back soon" She kissed my check She to short and I am to tall

I picked her up to a stool so she was taller than me but I think it's cute .

" I will miss you to and call you right when I get here .. It sucks I won't know when I'm coming back" I said

"I know " i kissed her I wrapped her legs around my waist and spun her around

"Okay babe you gotta go" she said

"Love you" I said

"Love you to" she said

I was saying bye to Monica and then I was about to leave "one last kiss" she said

I went up to her and have her a long kiss and hug and I left ..

Nash POV:

" I love you to! And everyday imma call you and Skype or something. Imma edit the video today and upload it today!"

"That sounds good but nash imma miss you"

"Imma miss you to"

"I gotta go" I said

She kissed me " love you" she said

"Me to" I hugged her and I went to Lainee

"Im gonna miss you" I said to her

"Same here"

"Bye stay safe with my lady"

"We will" and we hugged and me and Hayes left

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