I pulled into mine and vic's driveway, after getting back from tony's house, I had just about gotten out of my car seat, when i heard glass shattering coming from inside the house! immediately my heart dropped 6ft below my ass, so a rush of adrenaline took over me, sprinting inside calling out for my brother

"VIC?? ...... VIC MAN ARE YOU IN HERE?"... no response

SHIT! I though to myself... last time i checked Vic didn't have any plans to go out, although lately he was becoming more secretive and distant himself from everyone.. oh my god, what if someone broke into our house or something? I took a deep breath in, as i continued to search the house, NO ONE! the house was dead silent, to a point where if you drop a needle you'd hear it loudly.

I finally reached vic's room, i knocked calling his name before entering, "Vic you in there?" i wouldn't want to walk on him changing or having "bonding time with his right hand" ... urrrrr no that'd be gross! >.< I shook at the thought of that - however heard no response, so I opened the door slowly and peeked inside, the room was completely empty, what the hell? now I was getting horribly worried, as i already has a sickening bad feeling in my gut that something happened .... 

Last room to search was my room, I was self-debating whether to open the door or not, as the feeling in my gut had only gotten worse, I swallowed a lump in my throat and gently pushed the door open, now i hardly ever cry, i don't even remember last time i got emotional, but what i saw next had my eyes burst into tears and my heart stop completely!...

Vic's body on the floor with glass shattered all around him,immediately getting the hit to what it was.

I ran over to him, shaking him and crying out his name 

"vic? vic? wake up man... Vic?"  I checked his pulse, i was barely getting any sign of a heartbeat. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and wasted to time dialing 911

"Hello I need an ambulance please, I just got home and found my brother passed out on the floor, and his pulse is also unstable, i think he might of drank a whole bottle of jack daniels.... yeah.. uhm yeah Victor Fuentes... no i don't know.. ok thanks, bye."    

I gave them my house adress and hung up, kneeling down next to my brother

"Vic why did you do this?" I choked out in between sobs. me and vic where super close, he was my bestfriend, my support system ever since we were younger, he was always there for me, although lately thing flip flopped, ever since vic broke up with kellin, he hasn't been the same energetic hyped up litttle mexican midget that i grew up loving, he turned quite, he barely talks to anyone, he's sad and all depressed all the time, you barely got to see him smile anymore, his face is just tired with bags underneath his eyes, indicating he was lacking  A LOT of sleep, and if you look into his eyes, they don't shine anymore, they're just dull and scream horrific pain, i just wanted my brother back... 

my thoughts where interrupted when i heard a knock on the door, I went down the flight of stairs faster than you can say buttercup, I opened the door and the paramedics had arrive, i took them to the room, and saw them carry out my brother's almost lifeless body out of the house.

"Are you family of Mr.Fuentes?"-  one of the paramedics said 

I nodded gently as the motioned me to step into the ambulance with them, I couldn't bare to look at them working on vic, so i tried finding something to distract myself, i just thought for a few seconds and an idea popped into my head.. I grabbed vic's phone, that I had picked up earlier in case he wakes up and asks for it, and started searching for anything that could possibly hint what might of happened.

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