We arrive at Liam's party and there are already red cups everywhere. There's under-dressed bimbos and random jocks everywhere.So many red cups. I mean it looks like a frat party but we're still in high school. The second I walked through the door some chick spilled her drink on my top.

"Are you fu- ughhh!" She had the nerve to get an attitude with me.

"Excuse you. Watch where you're going." She just stormed off. To get more drinks I suppose. I had to go back to nialls car. I had extra clothes in my bag.

I only had a white flowwy tank Tom that had black lace on the side and black and white vans. It was a little too dressy for a drunken high school party but it'll have to do for now. I noticed two girls whispering and glancing in my direction so I walked past them in hopes I could hear what they were saying.

"She looks so ghetto."

"Honestly what is she wearing?"

Really? Is that the best they got? I know damn well I look in point for this party and they're still in their nasty, sweaty cheerleader uniforms.

"Y'all got something to say?" I spoke over the loud music easily getting the attention of a few people next to them.

"We were just wondering where you got your ratty clothes from."

"Ratty? Bitch are you a freshman or something get the fuck outta here before me and Tay over here whoop your scrawny, slutty, thotina ass. K?" Taylor stood in front of me completely in the chicks face.

"You can't make us leave we were invited by seniors." They smirked.

"Aye did any seniors, sophomores, or juniors invite these freshman to my party?" Liam spoke from behind us. No one spoke up to claim the underclassmen who stood there with their heads down.

"Do you need to be escorted out or do you want your face to stay like that?" I laughed as I stepped closer to them. I'm not even that tall and I looked down on them.

"W-were l-leaving. This party sucked anyways." They look like some stuck up snobby rich kids.

"Just go." I pointed to the door and they did the walk of shame.

"Hey you made it." Liam pulled me in for a surprising hug. We aren't even friends. Right?

"Um yea I came with niall." He immediately let me go and took a step back.

"Ohh.." He nodded.

"Not like that! He just drove me and my bestie Taylor over here." We both looked at Taylor and she was in the middle of two guys grinding on her. Party. Animal.

"Well she's a ball of fun isn't she." We both laughed. Taylor was a ball of fun.

"So where's your fridge you got any bottled water?" I was hoping he said yes. Even though I promised Taylor I'd get drunk I really didn't want to.

"Of course I do. You know how many people vomit and need water at these parties nor get dehydrated from dancing for so long. I'm not irresponsible-" he rambled.

"Are you going to bring me water or not liam." I honestly just. Want. Water.

"Um I could bring you to the water but I'm not bringing the water to you."

"What why not?" Rude ass.

"Because you could end up moving and I'd have to either look all over for you or drink the water myself." Or he just wanted me to go somewhere with him so he can continue to annoy me.

"Ok fine. I just need water lead the way." He didn't even have to push people out of his way to get through. People just moved for him as if he were a god or something.

"Why are we going upstairs for water?" I questioned I'm pretty sure refrigerators go in the kitchen.

"I keep all the good water in my room that way no one can steal them on their way out."

"That doesn't make any sense liam."

"Oh but it does. And plus I like to have my own water supply, of course there is water in the fridge down stairs but my water is up here in my room." He took a key out of his pocket and unlocked the door pushing it open.

Of course the walls had a bunch of posters and there were about three pairs of pants on the floor. How clean. He even had a damn x box and shoes boxes stacked up against the wall.

"You have your on liquor cabinet up here too?" Spoiled rotten

"Only the best. Do want something other than water? I have daiquiris, mikes lemonade, and Smirnoff coolers." All sound promising but do I really want to get tipsy around liam?

"I take a slushed strawberry daiquiri If you have any." I sat on his unmade bed, it looked like he slept on one side got up and left.

"Here you go." He passed me me cup and sat next to me we literally were so awkward so I down my cup to prevent myself from talking.

"So you're here at my party and were sitting in my room. What shall we do?" He leaned closer to me.

"How about no. Let's just sit here and attempt to enjoy each other's company if we can and if you hit on me I'll slap you and leave." I shook my cup towards him so he could refill it.

"Okay fine but if you hit on me, I don't have to stop you. Deal?"

"Hell yea deal there's not enough liquor in the world to make me hit on you." Oops.

"Same here. I'm literally going soft just by looking at you." Ugh

"So. I made you hard in the first place." I countered back.

"No your friend did." Taylor um no.

"Don't even think about it. She thinks you have a small dick."

"You don't think that though. You're just itching to see it. Aren't you?" No

"Nope hell no never in a million years. And what did I tell you about hitting on me?"

"I wasn't hitting on you. I was just stating facts." God I needed another drink. The temperature was rising and here and Liam's idiotic attempts to hit on me weren't helping.

"Whatever you say. Just get me another drink, something stronger." I'm gonna need a little boost if I was going to enjoy this party.

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