Part 3 - Oh, Facebook!

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Pardon my inexplicable lapses in grammar and some redundancies. I don't read the whole part, only after publishing. This is a non-edited work.

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions. It would be a great help to improve my writing.

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25th of January, 2012 - Wednesday

I spent my whole afternoon surfing the net when suddenly I received a notification on my facebook account: Jhon Reeves added you as a friend. I smiled and just click accept. I didn't bother myself to check his profile. And honestly, I don't simply accept friend request, even if I know the person. I only shared my social network activities to those who are close to me. Though our meet up was informal, I thought there's nothing wrong if I include him on my friends list. After all he is close to my friends too. And for two days we've been exchanging laugh trips (indirectly) on a group page. But for some reasons I called Abby and told her Jhon added me, and even on the group page I posted about it.

"Weeeee!!!! He added me on facebook. Guess who? - Jhon Reeves, hmmm!"

Mr. Dublin and all our common friends commented. It was like a party on that post. No serious reply ever, haha! It was made for fun.


Days, weeks quickly passed by and I was so anxious about going home after three years working in Malaysia. End of January we booked our ticket. Yes! We are finally going home. Abby doesnt know what to feel when she got our pass. Malaysia was her second love. For eight years, she had gone home just for once and stayed with Kee when she came back here. I, on the other hand got tired on how things went through at first. But later on, I learned to embrace the culture, the people, the food and everything else that I can't find in my own land.

I was dubious when I first stepped in here. This wasn't my first travel and I've been to other countries too. Maybe because this was the first time I went to a war alone, and there was no assurance everything goes according to the plan. All I have with me is the courage and determination that whatever happens, I will stay and I won't let fear win the battle.


24th of February, 2012 - Friday

"Paps, we've decided we are going to Singapore on Monday. You coming with us?" talking to Papi on the phone.

"Monday? Why don't you guys go tomorrow? I'm working on that day."

"Helloooo!!! Sunday is our last day here and on Tuesday we need to exit, our visa will expire on March 1. That's why we go Monday dawn and come back here Tuesday night."

"I don't think I can go with you, I already filed a vacation leave for March 2 and 3."

"Oh cmon, file for another two days. It's gonna be fun. We're goin around SG. And I will let you spend time with Abby, hahaha!!!" I insist.

"And you? you will spend it with Jhon, hahaha. Where are you staying by the way?"

"Not sure yet where. I am still asking some of my friends there if they could let us spend a night in their place."

"Why don't you ask Jhon? For sure he's okay with that."

"Are you kidding me??? No way. I don't know him, he doesnt know me and we're not friends. No no no!!!" I protest

"I thought you two are talking? He added you on facebook and been playing around on the page."

"Hahaha, that's what you thought. No, we don't chat privately. What you see on the page are all for fun and for us to enjoy."

"Oh, is it? Haha. Never thought of that. What a waste. Hahaha. We really like you and Jhon to get along. He's getting older and we want him to settle down the soonest. Don't tell me he's not good looking? I mean second best, you know I'm the number 1, hahaha."

"Wow, it really takes a gut to be you, hahaha so assuming, love myself act hahah. Anyway, I'll let you know if any of my friends replied."

"Alright, just text or call me anytime, bye."

"Bye!" I hunged up.

It was already late in the afternoon, and I still got no reply from my friends working in Singapore. I've been asking them for days and most of them no visitors allowed. I was about to lose hope. It's already Friday and we don't know yet where to stay. I open my facebook again to check if I got a message. One of my friend replied but then again, favor denied. I asked Abby and Lucy if they got positive reply, nothing. Paying even a backpackers lodge in SG is still very costly. We haven't received our last salary yet so we were asking our friends a favor.

I texted Papi to call me. I told him there was no chance we can stay to a friend's place. If he is going with us, at least we could share the rent. But he can't, he got loads of work to finish before taking his leave.

"You sure it's okay with him?" I asked shyly.

"Who? Jhon? Oh yes of course. He doesn't know how to say no, hahaha! Message him and tell him you are coming to SG to meet him, haha." poked him

"Haha, crazy ass. He's our last card. I'm gonna put on a very very heavy make up so I won't feel shy. Gosh, I can't believe I'm doing it, it's gonna be your fault if he says no."

"Go ahead and message him now, call me if it's a positive reply."

"Sure, I will. Ciao!"

I was staring at my monitor don't know what to do. Should I write him or not. Got alot of speculations what he might think of me and my friends. I searched for his name and click send a message. I was tapping my keyboard thinking what to say and how to say it. And I started writing...


Can I ask a favor? Hehe! I'm taking my guts to the highest level now. On 27th we are going to SG to exit because our flight for Phils. is still on the 4th of March.

Would it be okay if we can spend a night at your place? just for a night. I've been asking my friends who were working there but all of them said no visitors allowed. Is it okay?"

And then I pressed "send". I felt like I wanna jump and scream and take back what I wrote. I was too anxious and I can't relax. I don't like to wait for the reply but I can't stop myself checking my messages. And suddenly.....

Jhon : What day is that?

I couldn't believe he'll response right away. So, I typed again and hit reply.

Kaye : Monday, 27th. We leave here morning around 9.

Jhon : Okay, no problem. You can stay here for a night.

And so the conversation goes....

I called Papi and told him we were staying at Jhon's place. I even texted Lorry about what I did that afternoon. Everyone were so excited about the two days trip in Singapore. Abby and I planned our itinerary where to go and where to eat at affordable prices since we have a limited budget. And one thing that keeps me thinking was the meet up. Will I recognize his face? Will it be awkward meeting up with a stranger? How am I gonna approach him? Where are we going to sleep? I can't help myself thinking about what's gonna happen when we see each other again.

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