Part 7 - Farewell Party

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2nd of March, 2012 - Friday

It's been three days since we're back in KL. Spent our two days cleaning the house, packed our bags, bought some souveiners, and visited few of our friends who didn't make it on our last night.

We're going home soon. I was having cold feet and wished I could just take things back and stay. Same thing goes to Abby. Everytime I look at Kee, I feel pain. I know for a fact that Abby's leaving him. Literally. I've witnessed half of the total years they've spent together. I have seen how Abby tried to meet Kee's expectation and how she wanted him to at least reach out to her needs. Can't blame her. If she stayed, she will remain unfaithful and it won't do good to both of them. But If I were to decide, let Abby stay and give one more shot to fix their relationship.

Papi's birthday and our farewell party were celebrated together. Mr. Dublin and the gang prepared for us. This could be our last get-together. I wasn't sure if I can come back or I will be back in KL. Months before we were so excited to go home. But when it was getting nearer, I felt like it was a wrong decision.

We went to Damansara afternoon where Papi and the rest stayed. Their flat was big and spacious, so parties held there all the time. Karaoke, dancing, drinking, laughing were the usual scene every party. And when alcohol started running on everyone's mind, the only person they saw was ME!!!

"You better tell us what happened to SG" shouted Tony.

"Oh my God, not tonight please" I begged.

" want to know now."

"Shut up Tony you're drunk hahaha."

I glanced up to Papi and gave him a don't-try-to-spit-anything-i'll-kick-your-ass look.

He was giggling and turned his attention to Abby. Tony and everyone else were not buying my excuses. They want to know if there was something goin on between me and their beloved Jhon. And because I wasn't paying attention to them, Tony grabbed his phone and started calling Jhon on viber. These guys really want to dig out something from me. There's nothing to say anyway.

Tony kept on dialing Jhon's number and the other boys were pushing him to do it fast. Noisy and crazy ass haha. What they didn't know I had Mr. Nice Guy's attention. From morning to afternoon, we kept on exchanging text messages. Well, it actually started when I left SG. They didn't notice Jhon was on the line actively listening to my song, haha.

I am not a phone girl. Too seldom to see me texting and on the phone all the time compared to other girls. But when our non-stop conversation started, my eyes were on it. Most of the time. One time I checked my facebook and scanned the photos Mr. Dublin uploaded. It was the CNY party held at his house. Have not seen those pictures yet, so I checked them one by one. I noticed one guy wearing pink tees joined the girls eating. I checked the other photo to make sure who the guy was. I was shocked! It was Jhon. And I remembered the guy who came with Pips. It was him. How come I didn't realize that before. Now, I know why I have this strange feelings towards him. It was all started the first time I saw him.

After knowing who he was, I can't stop myself from peeping his profile. He was utterly gorgeous. Why I just noticed him now? I regret haha. Tall, really good looking guy, very masculine that perfectly suits to his impassive face. My ideal type of a man. ANTIPÀTICO!

Went back home past 1:00 a.m. Enjoyed the farewell party and hugged all of them for the last time. After washing up, I opened my laptop to check emails and of course to continue chatting with him. He didn't sleep yet, he waited for me to arrive home. We chatted for few minutes and said our goodnights.

I didn't sleep yet. My mind were so pre-occupied about what's happening. If I made the right decision of going home. If I should stop my career as a musician and focused to something I should be doing right and stable. If things will be perfectly okay when I get home. A lot of things running on my mind. And this one thing, not only occupying my brain but the little space (reserved for someone unknown) in my heart too. Aw!

Our conversations for three days made me feel like I'm back to my teenage days. WTF! We don't talk about ourselves, rather we talked about how high the Mt. Everest is, why people give shit about politics, if there's a bomb threat people blame none but muslims. Anything goes but never tackle about Anatomy and Values haha.


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