Part 8 - I will Miss You Malaysia

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4th of March, 2012 - Sunday

This is it! I told myself. We woke up early in the morning. Me, Abby and Kee. We had breakfast together since we seldom do it. If we're on vacation, lunch together on all Saturdays and Sundays, and dinner always except when Kee's out with friends drinking. The atmosphere was different today. Too gloomy and there was no wind blowing. So unlikely. I couldn't help myself to feel pain. Very depressing. I felt sad for Kee. He was such a wonderful person. And I love him for being straight-forward and down to earth. He was like a father to me. He treated me as her daughter coz we have the same characteristics. He's a Jackass and so do I. That's why we shared the same views on things.

Abby went out of their room sniffing. She cried I thought. But when Kee came out as if it was just like the other days. He acted normal though I can see in his eyes how sad he was. If only we could turn back our happy days.

"Bocho come" I called the dog.

"Bocho go, you sayang (love) jackass go" Kee said. "She's going back tonight.. Bocho go"

"Bocho come" I called him again. "Come stupid."

"Bocho cooome, sayang sayang my bocho" Abby in her soft tone voice. Bocho went up to her and she cuddled him.

"Good boy not a good girl" Kee said.

"Oh my God Kuya (I call Kee Kuya as to show respect), for three years you keep on telling us you're going to buy a new couch. And now, we are going home you haven't bought still. What is this lah? (In my Malaysian accent)" I was laughing while complaining.

"Yeah ah? Googoose!" he agreed on his very addictive laugh.

Laughing and reminiscing the old days

as we were all slouching on the saggy sofa.

We just spent our morning and afternoon going around the house. I gave a look to everything it has for the last time. Every corner has a memory. From the entrance door, the foyer, the band players displayed above the shoe rack, the storage room, the toilet, the paintings on the wall, my room (the only thing in the house that was painted green because of me), the cabinet and the study table he bought for me, the kitchen where they taught me how to cook but still I never learned, the bar where all his liquor collections displayed, the glass dining table, the piano I learned how to play because of self-practice (coz nobody uses it), the two acoustic guitar, the computer which he bought a year ago and I assembled it coz he was too dumb to know about technology and fuck windows 98, the 7 year old television, the saggy sofa which I still love to spend my afternoon sprawling, the amazing glass coffee table which we used for lunch while watching tv series, to the balcony where I love to sit at night and stargazing, up to their room which me and Abby used to sneak some porn cd's while Kee was at work. I am going to miss this house. I told myself.

Our flight to Manila was 1:30 a.m. It was past ten when we got down from the condo. Our boss was sending us to the airport. Kee's not going. He hates goodbyes and so do I. I just wanna get things over and go. I hate to see people crying. I hugged Kuya tightly and told him I will miss him. I also hugged Bocho and he felt sad though mixed with excitement coz he was out of the house. Abby cried while he hugged Kee and she kissed him for the last time. I'm too sad for him, for them. He was just too oblivious of what was Abby's real plan. We hugged each other and cried inside the car and laughed after.

On the way to airport I and Jhon were exchanging text messages.

Kaye: I cried..I really hate goodbyes..grrrr.. it breaks my heart.

Jhon: That's okay..when you get home you will be occupied again..

Kaye: Not's one of my weaknesses if someone gets too close to me, it's hard to let go..just like you hahahaha!!!!

Jhon: Hahaha hopefully...

I smiled when he said those words. Hmm, hopefully. We arrived at the airport 11:30 p.m. Hurriedly dropped our baggage on the cart and pushed it faster to the check-in area. The usual. After checking in, we strolled around the airport for awhile then went to the waiting area. I texted Jhon. Now I am doing a habit to inform him everything.

Kaye: Hey, airport now..check-in done.. now waiting for boarding.. Haist!!!!

Jhon: Hahaha..what's up with the sigh text?? Baby's excited? Haha...

Kaye: Haha, a bit.. I will miss someone.. Phils. is farther than here hahaha..

Jhon: Yeah right... Haist!!!!

In few hours, I'll be in Manila. I miss Philippines though. I miss my friends, my family as well as the food. But it was just so hard to let go the place I called my second home.

I thought of Jhon too. If only we've met before when I was still new here, we could've hang out more. But not really, maybe those years he was dating someone else or I was.

I snapped myself. Why am I thinking those things? I should get excited at least, coz I'm going home. But he was occupying my mind. I kept on asking myself would there be any chance for us. Long distance, ocean's apart.

We got into the plane 15 minutes before departure. We settled our hand carry first then I seated next to the window. Abby as usual in the center then Lucy. I texted Kee, our boss, my boss' wife, Papi and of course Jhon. After their reply, I turned off my phone and put it in my purse. As the plane's engine started, I took a deep breath and sigh. I tilted my head to the window so I can see the view outside. The plane took off and I watched everything turned into fireflies. I closed my eyes and whispered to myself. "Goodbye Malaysia. I will miss you".

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