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Pragya Arora- age 32.. music director, & mother of kishmish & kuchi..

Kiara (kishmish) Arora- age 7..

Sunny (kuchi) Arora- age 7..

Sarla Arora- only mother of Pragya, Nanu of two kids.. & best friend too..

Abhishek Prem Mehra- age 33.. sometimes he behaves like friend yaa sometimes he behaves like enemy of Pragya..


Kiara & Sunny so much close to Sarla, only for name sake Pragya is mother of Kiara & Sunny..

At the age of 28, Pragya adopted two kids, when they are 4, Pragya loves kids a lot, now Pragya turn to 32 & kids turn to 7, & now kids wants their mother need to be settled in her life with her soulmate, they thought their mother still a kid & they looking perfect husband for their mother, who a understand her mother from heart.. coz Pragya gives her whole time to kids, she didn't care towards world, she's happy in her own world..

Abhishek Prem Mehra, a irritating person in Pragya's life since school days, his profession is a singer, for him Sarla is like mother.. Kiara & Sunny like his own kids, cum friend, cum crime in partner's..

Sarla, both kids & Abhi on secret mission, that looking a perfect guy for Pragya.. Pragya is not interest in marriage, coz her some personal reason, that reason no one knows, she keep that secret in her heart..

Pragya & Abhi's relation, a worst relation in their own minds, but in kids & Sarla's mind, Pragya & Abhi are perfect for each other..

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