Love of my life-Marty Mcfly

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Marty had invited (y/n) over for a study date,Marty was failing math and if he wanted to pass his next  exam he needed to pay attention. Knowing Marty he never actually spent time studying at all. Choosing to spend his time with Doc. Brown.

Once she spread out her notes,she began explaining the math equations but to Marty it's was all words that had no meaning; not to mention that her lips were quite distracting. When did they last kiss? He couldn't have been today? The kiss on the cheek this morning after third period didn't count. Maybe it was-

"Marty come one! I'm trying to help you."

"Hey! I'm listening keep going!" Marty quickly brought his eyes back to his note book and started taking notes,well tried. While,(y/n) just smiled shaking her head going back into explaining the equation.
Marty has looked at her with such adoration. He's never seen a girl care for his grades this much, not even teachers gave a rats ass about him improving. Only scolding him for failing but not (y/n).

"You know you're the love of my life?"

(Y/n) whipped her head up to look Marty straight in his eyes looking for any hint of joke or maybe even sarcasm. She let off a short nervous chuckle."ok Freddie Mercury,you're the love of my life too".

"No! I mean it (y/n)"Marty has grabbed her hands,their faces getting closer slowly.
"I honestly don't think I would know what to do if you weren't here" Marty had placed his hand on her cheek.

"All I did was offer to help with math." (Y/n) laughed off nervously.
They both stared at each other,Marty loved (y/n) with all of his heart,he was really bad at showing up on dates on time and she accepted the fact that he would never have a grip of time and he was thankful for it.

They both begun to slowly lean into each other,the reached a certain closeness where they felt their breaths on each other's lips.Marty's eyes flicked from her lips to her eyes,making sure it was ok.
Once their  lips were connected there wasn't a care in the world,Math study wasn't long forget.It started soft and slow,they were milking the tender moment. Both following each other's movements like dancers following a routine.

Marty then become uncomfortable in the position they were in(he felt a calculator digging into his thigh) he decided to pull (y/n) onto his lap causing her to Yelp in surprise, laughing.
Marty's hand rested on her hips as her hands found their way into Marty's hair,tugging and pulling at his roots causing him to groan.They kept a steady pace,just enjoying each other's company;(y/n)'s hand had begun to untuck Marty's shirt when a knock on the window cause Marty to throw (y/n) off him.She didn't mind,she ended up laughing as Marty had to fix his hair and clothes

"Marty! Marty it's me! I need you to come down!"
It was Doc

"Ah jez .I-I gotta go" He stuttered,rushed off grabbing his jacket still flustered. Giving (y/n) a quick deep ,long kiss on the lips.he wished he could stay like that forever but Doc's voice torn him away again.
"Coming Doc! Jez!" He yelled before climbing out the window. She smiled getting up to  follow and lean into the window, watching him climb down.

"Make sure he's back in one piece doc!"

Doc smiled, some weird gadget in his hand and crazy eyes "when is he never?!"

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