Wrong side of town- Two-Bit Matthews

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It was a dumb fight, a dumb stupid fight they had. Two-bits mother didn't mean to compare him to his father. They were both stressed.
(Y/n) rushed down the east-side streets,looking left and right into every bar window she walked passed by.

looking for two-bit but she couldn't find him.She had avoided eye contact with everyone on the street;a greaser on Socs territory wasn't good especially alone.

"What are you doing here greaser? You know you aren't aloud this side of town"

(Y/n) groaned,she didn't have time to deal with this.
"I know you dumb socs, I'm looking for a buddy of mine. Two-bit Matthews."
They watched her likes hawks, stalking their next prey . She started to become impatient with the lack of response from the boys.
"Well?Have you seen him! 6'0,side-burns, leather jacket, most likely wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt?"

"What makes you think we'll tell you" he smirked a disgusting smirk that showed off his disgustingly white teeth.
(Y/n) played it cool acting as if she'd walk off before turning around and reaching into her pocket got her switch blade and held the dumb boy by the shirt collar.

"Listen you little shit! I don't have time to play your games. Tell me if you've seen my friend otherwise I'll skin ya alive!" She had gripped the front of his shirt.

"Alright!a-Alright! We saw a fella with a Mickey Mouse shirt he went to johnny's!" The now scared boy stuttered out, dropping him back down she muttered under her breath cursing every single socs. She walked for about 30's minutes before seeing a huge fluorescent sign which spelt "johnny's" flashing red and blue. As she walked in she was greeted with a dark hallway leading into a flashing room and loud music as ,she stepped in and immediately spotted two-bit.
He was hunched over, nursing a beer all while being surround by empty bottles. He look like a mess.

"Found ya, come one greaser I'm taking you home and where's your jacket "

"S'not moving..ngh fuck off, sum blonde took 'it" He slurred nearly falling off the bar table just barely catching himself to take another swing of his drink.
(Y/n) frowned watching him drink.She sighed heavily through her nose knowing he wouldn't leave with a good fight. Which she didn't have time for. Snatching the drink out of his hands,lifting him up off the stool.


"Come on we're going home" she demanded, forcing him into his own two feet.He couldn't even walk straight. He began mumbling something about how he didn't need help or that he wasn't ready to leave anything after that we're just words slurred as he tried to push her away with weak hands. (Y/n) pushed her way around the crowd ignoring the shouts and insults.

As they made it onto the street (y/n) it became incredibly cold. She hadn't realised it before maybe due to the adrenaline from looking for two-bit. They walked in silence beside the occasional grumble or slurred words from the greaser. They had barley reached their side of town before Two-bit spoke up.

"Stop...stop" Two muttered softly trying to get out of (y/n)'s grip.

"Two, listen we are going to get jumped if we stop,if you have to piss you need to wait"

"No I-i need you t-t-" he was cut off by a harsh gag.

"Oh fuck" (Y/n) had quickly moved him to the trees, supporting him up as she looked away cringing. He began to gag even more harshly till his dinner was thrown up.He took as much air in when he could only having 5 seconds to breath before the next violent spew.
"There you go,let it out" (y/n) had frowned, feeling queasy herself but trying to comfort the shaking greaser.


"I said.Leave me AlOne!" He hiccuped as tears began rushing down his face, shit they were so close to the Curtis's house.He had let out a rough cough Turing away to walk away but not getting far;stumbling losing his balance he falls towards the floor. Landing straight into his face.

"Come ok big guy we need to leave" she patted his back gently guiding him out.

"I don't need help,I'm not helpless..." was all he repeated quietly under his breath. She didn't really know the context of the fight but whatever is was words were said that can't be taken back .

As they reached the Curtis's house Two-bit had started to drag his feet all the while start falling asleep while walking.(y/n) felt incredibly bad for needing to wake up Darry but she knew he could go back home right his moment.

She knocked and waited. Knocked again. And again. Till Darry opened the door, shirtless, messy hair.
"(Y/n)? What are you doing here it's 2am?"

"Look Darry I'm sorry for waking ya up this late at night but Two-bit is a mess and he can't go home at the moment is it alright if we crash?"

Darry stared at Two-bit for a moment, he was out cold as she held him up. Darry agreed moving out the way,inviting them in. (Y/n) moved Two-bit the couch,taking off his shoes and shirt.
"Here's two blankets. The trash bin is over there. You guys yell if you need anything alright?".

(Y/n) nodded covering Two-bit with his blanket before moving the bin closer to him. She stared at the greaser as he slept. He seemed less stressed sleeping, it was a sight to see. Smiling she moved to the arm chair getting comfy before falling asleep . When (y/n) woke up she had first noticed that Two-bit had been missing from his spot. She began to freak out before seeing Ponyboy in the kitchen.

"If ya looking for Two-bit he left. Told me to tell ya thanks for last night."

"Oh." She sat back down into her chair "thanks" so many thoughts ran through her head. She needed to find him.

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