Danny Phantom OC - Jester

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Name: The Festering Jester

Nickname: Jester, or Fest

Age: Who knows,but she's old

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Personality: She's a real prankster, likes to go around town pulling a multitude of pranks, most of them intended to be harmful, but they get played off as a simple joke. She is funny, bright-mannered, but gets irritated when others undermine her

Looks: Literal white skin, clown makeup, jester outfit (pictured below), black slippers with the end curled, and little bells on the end. She has one blue eye and one hazel eye. She also has bright red, super curly hair

 She also has bright red, super curly hair

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Species: Ghost

Powers: She uses a black staff with white polka dots, and a red heart on top to shoot red ecto-energy and throw things without touching them

Friends: A lot of the ghost zone, but definitely not the Box Ghost

Family: None

Likes: Pranks, laughing, play-fighting

Dislikes: sadness, no one taking her seriously, fish

Crush: The Warden

Other: None

Backstory: Not much she can remember, she does know that she used to be a jester in a travelling carnival before an accident happened, caused by a collapsing tent

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