BNHA Oc - Katana Himura

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Name: Katana Himura
Nickname: None (yet)
Hero Name: Indignation
Age: 15
Sexuality: Straight
Quirk: Agitate
Personality: Can have short outbursts of anger every now and then, anger issues, trigger happy, whenever she's angry, she'll isolate herself away from other people. But when she's really angry, she'll bake, and throw ingredients at anyone who enters her space bubble. So watch out for that. She does care though, and tries to watch her anger around civilians and strangers
Looks: Dark, purple-onyx eyes, glasses, tan skin tone. She has messy, spiked red hair in a high ponytail. She usually wears a skinny black choker with a burnt orange off-the-shoulder t-shirt. Along with that she usually wears dark blue ripped jeans and black combat boots. She also has three piercings on each ear
Hero Outfit: An attachment to her glasses that helps her focus on certain things and makes her glasses look overall cooler. In order to be able to move around more, she uses black enhanced boots to help her move swiftly. They blend into her black pants and utility belt. She had a burnt orange tank top with a wide black X over it. She also has big black gloves with orange palms.
Likes: Baking, sleeping, training, winning, focusing, cinnamon donut holes
Dislikes: Getting aggravated, being bothered, her brother getting hurt
Weaknesses: Her emotions getting too worked up, someone attacking her brother
Skills Besides Quirk: Agility, stamina, slight intelligence, control
Crush: Kirishima
Family: Her father and younger brother. She does have a mother, but she works in America.
Friends: Kirishima, Denki, Jiro, Mina, Ojiro
Backstory: She was the product of a quirk marriage, where her parents only married in hopes of getting a hybrid child. Her father had the ability to use telepathy, meaning he could reach multiple minds at once. Her mother had the ability Agitate, where she can pit two opponents against each other. With Agitate and Telepathy, they could easily affect multiple people. She was born first, but unfortunately she didn't inherit both quirks. When only one of the quirks manifested in her, she was simply pushed to the side and her brother came into the light. He ended up developing both of the quirks, and her father trained him rigorously. For this reason, Katana became extremely protective of him, determined to not let him turn out like them. The lack of love and attention in her childhood caused her to go to the hero course for recognition, and was also cause for her anger issues.

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