Danny Phantom OC - Adelaide

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Name: Adelaide Tryton

Nickname: Addie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: She knows that Liz is Spectre Z, but for some reason no one believes her and it ticks her off so much. She is determined, easily annoyed, athletic, smart, and those are just a few things

Looks: She has medium length, wavy strawberry blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She's thin, and a little taller than Liz. She wears a sky blue swim team shirt, with white jean capris and sky blue sneakers.

Species: Human

Powers: None

Friends: Wes Weston, Star, Paulina, the usual top kids

Family: Her mom, Kira and her dad, Jordan

Likes: winning, swimming, softball, having fun, doing detective work, trying to prove her conspiracy theories

Dislikes: being proven wrong, losing, being ignored

Crush: Wes Weston

Other: None

Backstory: Not much to say, she's pretty normal, except for the fact that she saw Liz transform, but no one believes her

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