BNHA OC - Kiyomi Ito

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Name: Kiyomi Ito
Nickname: Ki
Hero Name: Arctic Fox
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bi, leans towards males tho
Quirk: Arctic Fox
Personality: She's often quiet, though not shy. She's very stoic and doesn't show emotion too often. She does like to help people, and wants to be a hero to help her family (See backstory)
Looks: Thick, long, thigh length wavy white hair and large icy blue eyes. She's thin, but a little curvy in her hips and chest. Her skin is pale and she has white fox ears and three white fox tails. Tails and ears with icy blue tips
Hero Outfit: Full body white suit, with an icy blue utility belt, fingerless gloves, and boots. She also has bits of grey here and there. There's also a icy blue collar and mask, along with large snowflake bracelets
Likes: Hot cocoa, winter, training, helping, thinking
Dislikes: Being disrupted when trying to focus, getting too hot, losing
Weaknesses: Fire, she's weak to sicknesses that cause fevers since her body temp is usually low
Skills Besides Quirk: Intelligence, thinking skills, teamwork, agility
Crush: Shoto Todoroki
Family: Inari Ito (mom), Kouri Ito (father, deceased)
Friends: Kirishima, Izuku, Shoto, Uraraka, Asui
Backstory: Her mom had Fox abilities, meaning more agility, claws, enhanced senses and such. Her father was able to create ice and snow, but died in a fire while being a hero. She decided to be a hero to avenge her father and help her mother overcome her fear of losing someone else. Her mother quit being a hero after her father died. People used to bully her by calling her ice quirk common, and she would break down during these bully attacks, since her father was the one who basically gave her the quirk. Since she broke down so often, people started calling her fragile, so she decided it was better to show no emotion.

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