3 - gone

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clem's pov

violets eyes widened.

"clem no!" she shouted, before abel's dirty hands covered her mouth.

lily frowned.

"keep talking" she said.

"if you only need one, take me. i'll go in peace if you don't hurt anyone else" i gasped, dropping my weapon, and putting my hands up.

"clementine" i heard AJ's muffled voice sob.

louis was probably trying to keep him silent.

for a moment i almost changed my mind.

AJ still needed me.

just like i still needed lee when he died.

but AJ was surrounded by people i trusted. good people.

they would take care of him. in my heart i knew he'd be fine.

lily leaned back, and crossed her arms.

"put her in the cage" she told one of the raiders.

he walked up to me, and grabbed my arm.

"don't touch me! i can walk myself" i said, shoving him away from me.

i started walking to the cage, and lily opened the door for me to get in.

violets pov

abel let go of me, to quickly run to their carts for a quick escape.

i looked over to louis and AJ, who were right beside me and tenn.

i narrowed my eyes, and quickly took a grab at clementine's bow.

"vi! what do you think you're doing?" louis whispered aggressively.

"i'm certainly not letting those fuckers get away with taking clem" i answered, drawing the bow, and pointing it at abel.

"violet if you hurt one of them, they'll kill you" louis warned.

"not if i kill them first" i mumbled

i aimed slowly.

i had to make this shot count.

i had to.

i couldn't let them take clem.

before i could shoot, i felt something crash against my head.

i heard gasps, as i fell to the ground, my vision leaving me.


my eyes shot open, and striking
lights momentarily blinded me, as i sat up.

i blinked.

i was in a bed, still at the troubled youth centre.

in fact, i was in the room clementine had stayed in.


i suddenly remembered.

she had been taken, then someone had hit me in the head with something, maybe a rock.

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