We got inside the cab.

First there was silence plus the weird looks from the cab driver, probably noticing who this blonde man was and the awkwardness that filled the cab.



"I ... I can't brea-breathe. HAHAHHAAHAH."

"Di-did you see the look on that man's face when you grabbed your panini?!" Niall practically screamed and laughed all at the same time. God, that laugh.

We both laughed, non-stop.

Tears edging out of my eyes and I had my arms crossed over my stomach, laughing my ass off. I don't know why this is so funny but it's just is.

"Well, that was some good panini." I commented and Niall laughed again.

Which made me laugh as well.

We both leaned back on our sits and when I tilted my head sideways, I met those blue captivating eyes. He was so serious now. That stare of his, that smile, the way he'll look you in the eyes, down to your lips then back at your eyes again.

 *clears throat*

"where to?" The driver asked.

We both looked away, my cheeks were burning, heat spreaded all over my face. I started to fan myself as Niall told the driver where to.

"You okay?" He asked closing up on me.

I swallowed. He was near me, like near me-near me.

"Stace?! Are you okay? you're really red." He grabbed my shoulder and stared at me.


I just smiled and stuffed my mouth with the panini.

Biting, biting, biting and biting. Hardly swallowing.

(The show)

The show's about to start, 10 minutes or else and I'm panicking.

My hands were clamy and damp, it started when me and Niall got down the cab. We just smiled at each other, and said our goodbyes when we entered.

We got to our separate ways and started to ready ourselves for the show.

Now, I'm just standing here. Shaking myself.

What happened back there? Why was I, red? and flushed? Why is this only happening now? What hell's going on? Honestly I thin--


Someone pulled my arm and I went in a dressing room.

Good thing there were lights, cause I don't know how much I can handle anymore.

It was Zayn, he looked extremely nice in that attire of his. But he just stood there, scrolling through his phone, searchingfor something.

He placed his phone infront of my face.

Niall's Secret Love Affair:

Read the headlines,

I looked further down and ...

Pictures of me and Niall walking together, entering the coffee shop, exiting it, sitting in the table. It's like every movement we had, there was a picture.

and another one ...

"Lovers by food."

The couple finally revealing theirselves to the public eye at a lunch date earlier this afternoon at 12:09. Both spotted giving each other food, making kissing poses and other things...