Dancing in the Dark

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This is based off this art [kudos to the artist]:

This is based off this art [kudos to the artist]:

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Bucky's POV

I stirred in my seat. The fabric of the velvet couch rustled under me, and I resolved that this might have been the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed in. The lights in the living room were obscenely dim, the room only being illuminated by the lamp by the couch.  

"Steve? Are you ready?" I called. Man, that guy took ages to dress himself. 

"Calm down, Buck! Gimme' a few more seconds!!" Steve yelled from two rooms down. I smiled sadly to myself.

Steve was getting ready for a date with Sharon Carter. I had agreed to drive him. I shouldn't have, because I hated having to hide my jealousy. But if Steve was happy, I was. Well, that was not entirely true. But I would try to be.

We were in Seattle, on a mission, but Steve had managed to shoehorn in some spare time. I didn't know how, but I had learned not to ask questions. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Steve strutted out from his room.

"Geez, Rogers. You're like a girl, you take forever to do anything." I decorated my features in a smile and laugh.

"Shut up, Barnes. I take a perfectly normal amount of time to get ready." Steve scoffed. 

I shook my head. "Whatever you need to tell yourself, Steve." he gawked at me. "You ready to leave, pal?"

"In a minute, Buck." Steve ran his fingers across the back of the couch where I sat. He walked slowly over to the record player, spinning the record that already sat there.

A melody sung through the air, and I saw Steve smile in memory.

"Remember this tune?" he asked, turning to Bucky. "We listened to it the night after I beat up that kid who was being an ass to those girls."

I laughed, truthfully this time. "You mean after I saved your ass?"

"There's the actual smile, Bucky." he stood in front of me now, grinning just as sadly I had, tapping his foot to the beat. 

I looked down, wondering if he could see through me. I changed the subject. "Shouldn't you be leaving for your date?" 

"Sharon can wait." he held out his hand to me, but I was skeptical. 

"Steve, are you...?"

"Just take my hand, Buck. Dance with me." it was more of a plead than a friendly question. 

I raised my brow, but I reached out me metal arm and took his hand anyway. I knew he would never feel the same way about me as I for him, but I'd take what I could get.

He pulled me from my seat, and drew me in close. Steve wrapped his arm around my waist. He gripped tightly to my titanium hand, and I was disoriented when he actually started swaying to and fro with the melody.

He must have been playing me. I mean, he had a date he was already late for. I decided that he was toying with my feelings. I didn't know what he was doing, but I didn't like it. 

"Steve, what are you doing?" I confronted, mincing words. 

"Dancing with you." he said simply.

"Wouldn't you like it much better if I were Miss Sharon Carter?" I rolled my eyes, but I didn't pull away. Truth be told, I didn't want to. 

He frowned. "Bucky. How have you not caught on yet?"

"Caught on to what?" 

"James Buchanan Barnes, I'm disappointed." He leaned in closer, making me shiver. "There is no date. At least not anymore." he spun me around as he spoke. 

When he enclosed me back in his arms, I shot him a confused look. "Steven Grant Rogers," I fired back- I hated it when he used me full name-, "what the hell are you talking about?"

"Buck, she and I canceled the date." he began humming the tune of the song echoing from the record player. 

"Excuse me, punk?" I questioned, trying to pull away. But Steve didn't let me go far, pulling me right back in by the hand. He wrapped his arm around me again, intertwining his fingers with mine. 

"Bucky, please, I'm not trying to scare you--" Steve began, as the track changed to an even slower song.

I furrowed my eyebrows in utter confusion. "Steven, are you shitting me? Why would you cancel a date with the girl you like?" 

"Jerk." he laughed. "It's just...she and I..."

"Since when can you not express yourself, Rogers. Just spill." I playfully whacked him with my free hand. 

"Ohh, Buck, we didn't work out. And I'm kinda, sorta dancing with you, so..." he leaned in closer, pressing his forehead to mine. I flinched, before easing into the embrace.

"Why?" I whispered, feeling his breath on my chin. "Why kiss her then?"

Steve stopped dancing, and moved both hands to brace me back, and I placed mine on his chest. 

"Idiocy." was all he said.                       

"Punk." I repeated, smiling.

"Jerk." he closed the distance between--

I'll spare you the details of what h

appened that night. Long story short, Steve and I are dating. Sharon has been bitter and unhappy. Turns out, Steve had canceled the date right before. We never went on missions without each other, and danced together every time we hear that melody.

I couldn't be happier.


Ha, ha.

I know, I'm evil for ending the story on that.

More like this soon. :]


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