Fixed, Mostly

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  "He fixed you." Steve stared at Bucky, as if worried for a reaction and what it might be. "Well, it took a while, but Tony cleared you head of all the Hydra crap. All the commands and filth. Tony said that your brain might take a while to heal over, but you aren't a puppet anymore."  

Bucky just sat there like an idiot, stunned into silence. This news overwhelmed him. He was so sure that he couldn't be helped, but now his own version of a guardian angel [in the form of a once lanky thin American hero] had done it. Or rather, found someone else to do it. But it still counted.

"Bucky, are you--" Steve began, but Bucky cut him off when he pulled Steve into a crushing hug. Bucky threw his arms around Steve's shoulders and buried his face into the crook of Steve's neck. It didn't take long for Steve to return the embrace, wrapping his arms around Bucky's waist.

"I'm starting to think I should have been glad that you put me under." Bucky whispered into Steve's skin, and grinned when he felt Steve shiver.

"No, you shouldn't. I did it for the wrong reason." Steve sniffed, and Bucky, after he heard this, pulled away and cupped Steve's face in his hands. Bucky appreciated the fact that Steve tried not to flinch when his metal hand came in contact with his face.

"I know." Bucky said slowly. "But the outcome..."

Steve put his hand over Bucky's, and surprisingly, it was his metal one. "You know, you're gonna need therapy for a while to keep it permanent." Steve smiled fiendishly.

Bucky paused for a moment, to which Steve laughed. Eventually, Bucky said. "I think... I think I could live with that. But, on one condition." Bucky moved his free hand to the back of Steve's neck, using this new grip to pull him in the slightest bit closer.

"And what would that be?" Steve asked shyly.

Bucky thought for a second. "Is anyone watching us?"

Steve's eyes darted around, and he called out into the darkness surrounding them. "Tony? Are you watching?" he yelled.

Almost immediately, a voice entered the room over the intercom, the location of which was unknown. "Don't worry, Rogers. I'm way ahead of you, and I don't want nightmares. I'm gonna to turn the camera off. Butyouonlyhavefiveminutes!" Tony Stark's voice boomed over the intercom. Seconds later, from an unknown source inside the room, a beep sounded, which signaled that the camera had gone offline.

Steve turned back to Bucky. "You were saying?"

"Right, I was saying." Bucky leaned in further, now inches away from Steve's face.

"You were... please continue." Steve took his own free hand and played idly with dark brown strands of Bucky's hair. "Please continue..." he repeated.

Bucky grinned broadly. He wanted this, he wanted this now. Bucky got up and plopped himself back down, this time on Steve's lap. He wrapped his legs around Steve's waist. Steve watched Bucky like a hawk- well, a hawk who didn't want to kill his prey, but instead-- well, nevermind.

Steve pulled his arms around Bucky's waist, and Bucky pressed his forehead to Steve's and re-cupped his hands on Steve's face. "I was saying, since all the pervs are done watching, I want one for the old times." Steve grinned hard at this, and planted kisses down Bucky's neck, making Bucky shiver. Bucky moaned, and he grabbed Steve's face and kissed him hard on the mouth.

When Steve ripped off Bucky's shirt and kissed him again, Bucky felt his mind go into hyper drive.

He grinned again, wondering if anyone was watching.

Bucky hoped not.

Steve lay awake, just staring at Bucky, who was sleeping soundly next to him. The bed was just big enough for the both of them, the white sheet blanketed their lower half. Their shirts were slayed on the floor, though Tony's demanding voice over the intercom yelling for them to 'keep it clean and pants stay on! Ok, now imma turn the camera off again.'

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