Behind the Civil War

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"You pulled me out of the river. Why?" Steve demanded.

"I don't know." Bucky said quietly, after a short pause.

"Yeah, you do." Steve told him.

The situation about them was in no way the right setting for this conversation, but Steve didn't think he could wait any longer. Swat teams were surrounding this apartment, but no doubt slowly. By rough calculation, they would break down that door in about ten minutes. Bucky's no doubt stolen apartment was unorganized and filled to the brim with Brainwashed-Bucky's possessions. Steve had already noted all the anomalies in Brain-washed Bucky's rooms with what his own Bucky's home would be.

"Stop talking." Bucky's fists were clenched and eyes hard and dark. Soviet assassin Bucky was talking.

"No. I want to talk to my Bucky." Steve, almost despite himself, raised his shield slightly.

"Your Bucky is gone." The thing in Bucky's body growled through gritted teeth.

"No, he isn't. He saved me." Steve said gently. "I want him back now."

Suddenly, Bucky doubled over and yelled out. Steve almost bolted to him, but thought better of it. Something was trying to fight its way out, and Steve needed to let it. Or him.

"Buck, please, is that you?" Steve held out a hand, willing his Bucky to take it. "It's me."

"Steve..." Bucky whispered, now kneeling on the ground. "Oh god."

"Bucky." Steve smiled bittersweet. This might only last for moment. Bucky might only last for a moment.

"It's me, Steve." Bucky croaked. Steve made for Bucky, kneeling beside him, but not dropping his shield. "Listen... I..."

"Are you okay?" Steve asked worriedly.

"I don't know how long this will last, so listen..." Bucky grabbed on to Steve, pleading looks crossing his features. "I- uh-- oh, forget it." And with that, Bucky leaned in and kissed Steve hard. His titanium arm cupped Steve's face in a cool embrace. Steve went wide-eyed but made no move to pull away.

Bucky abruptly pushed away and clenched his teeth and made a snarling noise. Steve was beyond shocked, stunned into silence as he watched Bucky's brown eyes darken and his expression harden.

"No. Bucky--" But Steve was interrupted when Bucky slammed his fist into Steve jaw.

"Ow." Steve groaned, after being flung backward into a wall. "Bucky--"

"Get off me." Hydra Bucky snarled and shot up, Steve raising his shield higher. He decided, again, to just play defense.

Bucky came at him again, this time ramming Steve away and shoving past him. Bucky made a run for the balcony and jumped. Steve gasped, and stepped on to the balcony, terrified of what he might see if he looked. But when he did, he saw not a dead disfigured body crumpled on the floor, but a fully intact Bucky running across the roof of the neighboring building.

Steve let himself sigh with relief, and then jumped right on after Bucky. The wind brushed his face as he struck the roof and combat-rolled to landing. Steve was slightly winded, but rushed in pursuit of Bucky. Steve willed his legs to go faster, to push harder- and they did, him catching up to Bucky. The roof of this building was very wide, so they were both still scaling it. Steve still didn't stop when he flung his shield at Bucky, aiming for his artificial arm. It spun through the air, hitting the mark and threw Bucky forward. His head hit the concrete ground with a sickening slam. Steve immediately shocked himself with his action, flashing before his eyes was the kiss Bucky had very unexpectedly given him. He'd never kissed Bucky. Bucky was his best friend. But the weird thing was, he think he liked it.

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