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Starship of Darkness.

A rough-draft for story, screenplay, script, manga, anime, and live-action.

Chapter 1: Out of the Wormhole

Svillie looked at the monitor. There was so much space junk floating, that they'd have to blast their way through.  

"We're gonna search all this, until we find guns, gold, ore.. even if it takes weeks." Davo was a masculine, macho sort of dude. He wasn't big or tall, but he puts up a hell of a fight for a guy his size.  

"What? All this? What if it was already ransacked by pirates?" Svillie was perplexed. Sure enough, they needed the finances and fuel. Eons away from the foundation, they have no way of getting support for their Witch Hunt missions.  

"We need it, Svillie. Everything. We're eons away from the Foundation. We have no way of contacting them or getting any support. We're all on our own, all a lone. Ever since that freaky wizard casts a worm hole spell on us, we are here, somewhere in the abyss." 

"There's gotta be at least a few thousand trashed ships in this junk yard." 

"We need clues. Perhaps the databases will have any leads to the demons we are hunting". Svillie said nothing. She looked at the daunting task that laid ahead of her. Ever since her father, a Witch-Hunter, died, his partner Davo, has been rearing her and took her in as apprentice. She wanted revenge for her Father's death. A Great Demon, of which the Foundation has never heard of, slew her papa. Their chase, has taken them eons away, they went through an incredible distance by some wizard's worm-hole spell, and as far as they know, they have no way of getting back the way they came. Before them, was uncharted territory, the unknown, to find the demon that slew her father and bring about vengeance, justice.

She immediately took her clothes off.  

"Svillie, what are you doing?" remarked Davo, trying to look innocent. 

"What? I'm putting the space-suit on." 

"I know we're partners, but you can use your bunker to change." Davo looked the other way, trying to show pretense that he didn't see her naked.  

"Okay, my space-suit is on. You can look now." Svillie was ready. Davo was already gone, in his bunker changing into his space-suit.  

"Svillie, we need to be very, very, very careful. There are no life readings other than carrion, but those are dangerous, shoot those immediately. The broken ships are dangerous, they might have leaking gas, there is no telling what might happen."  

"Ugh" Svillie shuddered. It was nasty to see foul space carrion, feeding off dead bodies, tearing off flesh and plucking out eyeballs for a meal. 

They left, propelled by the rockets on the space-suits, eyeballing all the junk, the floating intergalactic war debris, the floating skeletons, every carcass was eaten away to the bone. There are perhaps near a million carrion, and that was very dangerous.  

"Let's start with this ship. It looks barely damaged. We could check it's database to find the Mother-ship in this messy graveyard." Davo was keen to find clues, anything to help him hunt down demons.

They enter a fighter-shaped ship, and explore it. Soldiers floating, their skin and meat eaten away by carrion. Davo shot a carrion-creature, before it had a chance to get near them.  

"Shoot them immediately. Check the data-pad for the highest life readings. That will be where the carrion nests are. We must not go anywhere near those areas. We may have to use the ship's turrets to shoot those nests, but I want to save ammunition. Stay close to me,  I  want  to  look  in  the  ammunutions  room"

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