Chapter D: Ecstasy to the Heart

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Mr. Spasmin arrived at the solar power plant; and there was his little baby Fantine, very happy and with a very strong heart. The scientist approached the gynoid, who carried her in its arms, and said: "When I remember what I did to you, I feel pain in the heart, literally speaking."


Mr. Spasmin looked at the woman named Fantine; he succeeded in the heart transplant operation, but it was a heart designed to explode when Fantine had an orgasm. And to make it more complicated, he had altered the senses in the woman to be sexually excited more than usual. The brain was altered not to remember the scientist, but something that Fantine always remembered was that she should not have an orgasm because her heart would explode.

In the eyes of the woman named Fantine there was a change, she could see the face of the person she loved in the heads of the people around her. Her ears listened to the voice of the person she loved when someone spoke to her; and so it was in every sense. Is it a pleasure or a torture? The scientist knew that sooner or later Fantine would seek her sexual satisfaction; there was no way to resist because his whole body was excited by the stimulations received from who she thought was the person she loved.

The woman named Fantine could no longer bear her abstinence, and knowing that the people around her were not true to her body's reactions, she decided to lock herself in her room. She lay on the bed and began to slide her hands over her body. The sweating in her body was abundant, she shouted with emotion with the toys she had at her disposal, and reaching the point of orgasm shouted the name of the person she loved. The woman laughed when she saw the fluids of her orgasm, and she imagined that her heart was fine; suddenly the scientist's memories came to her mind, which caused her heart to explode.


Mr. Spasmin analyzed the heartbeat of the baby Fantine, and said: "Do not worry, Fantine, this time your heart will not explode for any reason; now your heart is not a bomb." And the scientist ordered the gynoid to feed the baby, while he was reviewing the results of the solar power plant. The photovoltaic modules were replaced by thin-film solar cells that were light and flexible. And the scientist felt a great joy to see the production of energy obtained, and then looked at a floating basket where a baby was transported. The basket was levitated by magnetism, the metal plate that was located under the basket was provided with a system of all-terrain wheels; and they worked through batteries, but it would not take long to change that for wireless power.

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