Chapter B: Quail in Chocolate Sauce

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The baby Faren was sleeping peacefully in her glass capsule; however, Mr. Spasmin's hatred towards her did not diminish. The gynoid said: "The baby is reacting well to genetic change." Mr. Spasmin said: "Faren, I do not want you to live; but I hope you have a little love for me now." The gynoid assigned to Faren said: "Do you want me to take the girl to the nursery?" Mr. Spasmin asked the gynoid to leave him alone, because he wanted to talk to Faren about his murder. The gynoid removed Faren from the capsule and put her in the scientist's arms.

Mr. Spasmin began to remember the last days of Faren's life, and said: "You were in your bed, you always slept peacefully; when you woke up you could not move, but you could talk. I asked you two questions, the first question was if you believed in reincarnation, and the second question was in which animal you wanted to reincarnate. You did not want to answer, you used to cry and curse me; I told you that you had no choice and that you answered the questions."

Mr. Spasmin left the laboratory with baby Faren, and went to the window to see the birds that inhabited the island; he looked for a particular bird, but he did not find it. And he continued with his memories to say: "Do you want to know your answers? The first was yes and the second was a quail."

Mr. Spasmin had a project in the experimental phase, which was the ability to partially transmit a person's mind to a small animal. Mr. Spasmin said: "Faren, I caught your mind to deposit it in a quail; it was a beautiful quail, and to show my love I locked it in a golden cage. I watched the quail carefully, waiting for reflections that you were inside the bird. On one of the days of your confinement, I put two photos inside the cage, one photo was mine and the other photo was your boyfriend's."

Mr. Spasmin applied the condition of the two questions, but this time he gave the answers. The first question was, Faren, do you want to live? Destroy your boyfriend's photo; the second question was, Faren, do you want to die? Destroy my photo. Mr. Spasmin caressed the lips of the baby Faren, and said: "Beautiful lips, my little Faren, do you want to know what happened to you? Three days later I found my photo destroyed and the quail lying on the photo of your boyfriend; guess the menu of my dinner that night, an exquisite dish of quail in chocolate sauce. You have a very delicious flavor to be a quail."

Mr. Spasmin looked towards a tree, and between its branches hung a beautiful golden cage. And he said: "I do not want to turn those soft lips into a bird's beak; I beg you, Faren, I really beg you, I want your kisses, kisses from your human lips." And Mr. Spasmin put his face on the body of the baby Faren and began to cry. Baby Faren woke up and put one of her hands on the scientist's ear.

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