Chapter C: The Art of Stroking

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Mr. Spasmin went for a walk to the beach, he followed a floating basket in which the baby Felicity was transported; and began to remember the last days of life of the woman named Felicity; so he stopped the floating basket with his voice. The baby Felicity smiled a lot, which caused the scientist to let out a laugh, imagining Felicity's skin on his fingertips. And he said: "I remember the last days of your life, my dear Felicity, I always liked your skin, it was a deliciously colored skin, I lived in love with your skin, but I do not know if my eyes deceived me because I looked at it orange, of course I do not mean fruits."

Mr. Spasmin stroked the hands of the baby Felicity, touched the inside of her little fingers with delicacy, and then he put his face to the baby's hands to feel the fingers on his cheeks. And Mr. Spasmin said: "Your skin was my obsession, and I studied the art of stroking; I put into practice all the possible knowledge about your skin to cause you the maximum pleasure that can be created."


On a special stretcher was lying the woman named Felicity, Mr. Spasmin had designed the stretcher that served to completely remove human skin. And the woman's skin was divided into two parts, front and back; each part was spread out on a board full of circuits and sensory devices. The board was connected to the woman's brain. Mr. Spasmin's project was to give the woman the most stimuli and caresses to satisfy her until she went mad with pleasure. On the side of the board was a holographic touch screen panel to perform all the operations that were desired. There was the function of dying of pleasure, a function that the scientist used to complete his project.


The gynoid of the baby Felicity said: "Mr. Spasmin, will you visit the solar power plant today?" Mr. Spasmin looked thoughtful and nodded his head; the gynoid took the baby Felicity out of her floating basket to enter with her on a high-speed train. Mr. Spasmin observed an illumination in his left hand, immediately undressed his arm to see a screen on the skin that showed the island's climate; even though the island was protected even to fight tsunamis, he began to worry too much about a hurricane approaching the island. And he activated the protection alarms of the island, in the water there were a lot of towers that surrounded the island; the towers were aligned as if forming two concentric rings, and by means of the towers a gas of light was produced inside an electromagnetic confinement. The gas of light took the shape of a rectangular toroid, and the gas of light solidified when absorbing the energy of the hurricanes.

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