Chapter A : Cloning

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(Fabiola, Faith, Faren, Felicity, Fantine, Fiorella y Freya)


Mr. Spasmin drank his wine glass, he wept bitterly and remembered the contempt he received from the women he loved. However, the consequences of his revenge took away many hours of sleep. And he had decided to do something to calm his conscience and entered his laboratory to contemplate the crystal capsules, in which were the clones of the women he loved. There were seven babies, and the time had come to open the capsules.

Seven gynoids (humanoid robot that is gendered feminine) entered the laboratory; Mr. Spasmin opened the first capsule, and said: "My little Fabiola." Mr. Spasmin stroked the beautiful curly hair of the girl and kissed her lovely cheeks. The baby put her hand on Mr. Spasmin's face. The gynoid assigned to Fabiola took her in his arms, and Mr. Spasmin said: "I had forgotten what a caress is on my face."

The gynoid took Fabiola to another room, and the next capsule was opened. The baby was named Faith, the gynoid took her out of the capsule, the baby began to cry, and Mr. Spasmin said: "Do not cry, nobody is going to hurt you, I'm not going to kill you; my desire is to take care of you".

The next baby was Faren, and Mr. Spasmin did not allow the gynoid to touch her, and ordered it that the baby stay inside the capsule; and he kept walking to Felicity's capsule to stare at her with a cold mind, immediately he took a scalpel, and said: "You have a beautiful face, Felicity, I hope that when you grow up you do not want to change it." The gynoid entwined Felicity's fingers. Mr. Spasmin made an incision in the tip of his little finger to spill a drop of blood on Felicity's fingers. The gynoid began the prophylaxis and then took Felicity.

The gynoid assigned to Fantine said: "The baby is not ready to leave the capsule." Mr. Spasmin did not care about the gynoid's words, and ordered it to open the capsule. The baby began to have complications, and Mr. Spasmin said: "If she cannot live, then she does not deserve to be here." The gynoid was dedicated to saving Fantine's life. And in the next capsule was Fiorella, of all the babies she was the largest.

Mr. Spasmin, seeing Fiorella, begin to tremble and felt a great pain in his chest, so the gynoid took out a syringe and injected Mr. Spasmin; a few minutes later he went to the last capsule to contemplate with great tenderness the baby named Freya. He carried her in his arms and said: "You are very special to me, and you smell my favorite perfume". Mr. Spasmin had made genetic modifications in the babies, certain whims in his tastes.

Mr. Spasmin observed the baby named Faren, and said: "My dear Faren, I do not want you to live." The gynoid assigned to Faren delivered a syringe to inject Faren.

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