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The Orphans Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

It’s been about two weeks since we made the deal with Simon and we haven’t heard a single thing from him.  I’ve just assumed that he couldn’t find enough people that want to adopt for our deal.  I mean that is a lot of families and or people to find. I’ll be shocked if we hear back from him. I feel bad now, I may have ruined Jenna’s chances of being famous, I brought it up conversation and only said our friendship and the girls are more important.

 The witch hasn’t dared lay a hand on any of the children; while she puts out a brave front I knew she was very fearful of me now.  I mean who wouldn’t be? I knocked her unconscious for hours and she could barely move the next day. She didn’t even bother yelling at us for two days, but that didn’t last. But the daily beatings did though, which is good. But I knew as soon as we left they would be back.

There’s an adoption coming up in about a week, all the girls are busily working to make everything perfect.  I feel the card that Simon gave me shifting around in my pocket, Jenna has been pushing me to call but I don’t think we should be bothering him. He’s a busy person who probably has already moved onto better publicity stunts like kissing babies or petting puppies or something.

“Courtney if you won’t call him then I will.” Jenna threatens

“No you won’t, you don’t have the number.” I reply

All of sudden Jenna slams into me and we both end up sprawled on the ground. 

“JENNA!” I scream out surprised, what the hell came over her? Why would she do that?

“Now I have the number,” She replies while waving around the card that I didn’t even realize that she had taken.

I glare at her and she just smirks back at me, she’s definitely more like me than I had taken notice to. Not only had she resorted to physical violence but she is gloating and smirking. I can’t help but be a little proud that she’s toughened up a little personality wise and that I might be the reason why.  

“I’m not calling him.” I say with finality

“Fine, then I will.”

She picks up the phone and dials the number, while walking out of the room so I can’t stop her. Sighing I pick myself off the ground and continue to clean the kitchen. I never see the cook in here, but it always looked like something had exploded everywhere.  Ten minutes later Jenna comes back in with a face splitting grin on.  I ignore her while she bounces on the balls of her feet waiting to relay the conversation she had with Simon. Two can play at this game; I ignore her for a good ten minutes. 

“Courtney.” She calls






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