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Zayn's first class really didn't improve from there. He ran into the teacher, making her spill coffee and doughnuts all over the place, and also making her embarrass herself in front of the entire class. Harry and Jai laughed to themselves in sort of a friendly way all the while. After a few more periods of torture, Zayn thought to himself while walking to lunch,

"This is so weird, the grownups don't even trust me to go to the bathroom by myself.. It isn't like I'm going to fall in or anything."

Zayn gathered his paper bag lunch and journeyed through the cafeteria, filled with people already in spots and cliques. When he saw an open spot, he looked at the boy sitting in the seat next to it and gestured to it, asking if he could take it. The boy rolled his eyes and looked away. He walked through the entire room with hope, but after being turned away everywhere, walked dejectedly to the bathroom. Zayn ate his lunch in a stall that day, thinking to himself,

"So this is high school."

He took the bus home, and when he arrived on his porch his parents asked,

"How was your first day, hon?"

Zayn sighed and stormed through the front door. He went straight to his room and sat on his bed, looking through old photos and memories of his past life in England. Tears escaped his eyes and trickled down his face and landed on the pictures, blurring the images. Zayn stayed in his room all night, not even bothering to come down or eat dinner. He fell asleep, Ed Sheeran music playing in the background and a letter his best friend hate written him before he left clutched to his chest.

The next morning, Zayn told himself he would have a better day. He woke up early to ensure he had enough time to fix his hair just perfectly. His appearence was very important to him. He picked out a varsity jacket, jeans and a belt and put them on. Zayn slipped out of the door just quick enough to catch the bus.

His first period class didn't go too much better than the previous day's. He got into class a bit too late after a fuss with his locker and had to sit behind the guy who constantly farted. After class, he stopped Harry and Jai.

"I have health today in 3C. Where is that?" he asked.

Harry shot Jai a quick look.

"That's in our back building, I think," Harry said assuringly.

"Yeah, the back building. Don't worry fetus student, we'll take you there,"Jai said, patting Zayn on the back.

The three walked out the south entrance of the school and to the football field. Zayn's face morphed into confusion as the group crossed the deserted field and sat near a group of trees.

"Where's the back building?" Zayn asked Harry.

"Oh, it burned down. In 1972." he answered.

"Oh.. Won't we get in trouble for this?" Zayn questioned.

"We would never get you in trouble, we're your friends," Harry answered, playfully touseling Zayn's hair.

"Friends? Well I am in no position to pass those up.. Guess I'll never know what I am missing in health.." he thought to himself.

Harry pulled some sort of map out of his pocket. "This map show's the school's central nervous system, the cafeteria. See here, you've got your cool Asians, burnouts, jocks, the greatest people you will ever meet," he said, pointing to the artsy table he and Jai sat at,"and the worst," he motioned to a table titled Plastics. "The Plastics," Jai gagged, "They'll be all over a regulation hottie like you," he said. "Who are the Plastics?" Zayn asked. "Speaking of, here they come," Harry said,motioning to the gym class leaving the school.

"See there, that's Niall Horan. He's probably the dumbest boy you'll ever meet. One time he asked me how to spell direction," Jai said, pointing to the blonde, who just got hit in the chest with a ball.

"And that is Liam Payne. He's super rich since his dad invented Eggo Waffles.. He's pretty much Louis' slave. He knows everything about everyone. That's why he changes his hair so much. It's full of everychanging secrets," Jai whispered.

"And the queen bee himself," Harry said, motioning towards the guy walking in with his hand on his hip, surrounded by others, trying to speak to him. "Louis Tomlinson . Now he may look like your average sassy back stabbing life ruiner, but no, he's so much more," Harry said, loathingly.

"W-what?" Zayn studdered, taking in all the information.

"Louis Tomlinson," Jai began, " How do I describe Louis Tomlinson? He's fabulous. He's modeled for Men's bikinis in Greece. I'm pretty sure he was in a band once. His freshman year, he started wearing stripes and suspenders, so all the other gay freshman went out and bought stripes and suspenders. He's something all right. Every guy in school either wants to kill him, be him, or get in his pants," Jai said. Zayn let out a slow breath, whistling through his teeth as he did. 

"Damn. That's a lot of information." He began, but the shrill ring of the bell cut him off. "Well, see you guys at lunch. I gotta get to class."

As he walked through the field he could feel the Plastics stares on his back, accompanied by whispers and giggles. They were checking him out. This was not good, if what Harry and Jai said was true. Not good at all.


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