hey guys ! so my name is Jennifer ! this is my first fanfic on wattpad, and its a one direction/ janoskians mean girls spin off ! if you don't know who the Janoskians are, I just, I have nothing to say to you. so the characters are:

Zayn Malik as Cady

Louis Tomlinson as Regina

Niall Horan as Karen

Liam Payne as Gretchen

Harry Styles as Janis

Jai Brooks as Damien

Beau Brooks as Aaron

James Yammouni as Seth

Daniel/Skip as Shane

Perrie Edwards as Regina's mom

Josh Devine as Regina's sister

Paul as Coach Carr

and Luke Brooks as Glen Coco.

 In case yall are wondering, im 14 and live in the US, Texas specifically. I ride horses, and love doing that. I play like a billion instruments and love 1D and the Janoskians. If you havent seen mean girls, hopefully I explain it pretty well ! this is my best friend devins account (hehe) and she'll be helping me write/ post. i hope you enjoy, feel free to comment/vote !  You should follow us on twitter too! @JenNichole45 and @devin_gregg

--JenNichole xx

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