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Pen Your Pride

Bonus Chapter (Caleb)

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Dedicated to LuzCTorres a very opinionated, and funny, reader:)


I made my way through the party in search of Lylah. I saw her brother’s earlier, so I assumed she was here. Walking toward the game room, I thought I spotted one of the girls she was with at the baseball game, but just as I was about to approach her, Lily had found me.

“Caleb, honey, s-sorry for your loss-s today. Let’s-s go s-somewhere s-so I can make it all better.” she slurred and I cringed at the smell of vodka on her breath.

I hated it when she got drunk. She was a sloppy drunk and I had to baby sit her more times then not at these types of parties. I wasn’t her boyfriend anymore, and couldn’t remember why I ever was, but I knew if I fought her off she would make a big scene and I didn’t want Lylah getting the wrong idea about us.

I let Lily pull me along before I tried to redirect her towards the front door. I needed to get her in a cab and on her way home. We were halfway there when she turned and started rubbing up against me. A couple months ago, this would have turned me on, now it just irritated me. I felt eyes on us and prayed it wasn’t Lylah’s. I was relieved to see it wasn’t, but couldn’t relax when I saw it was her brother’s. They might want to spend some time with Lily, she was a pretty girl if a little slutty, so I pleaded silently with one of them to take her off my hands. They quickly caught on that I wasn’t interested in her, quite the opposite in fact, but they just laughed and left her to me. Ass holes.

I finally got her outside, and sat her on the stairs, “Just stay here and let me make a call.” I told her as I took out my phone and dialed. She pouted and started to whine, “Why? I don’t wanna go home. I wanna go s-somewhere with you…alone…” She was rubbing my leg now and I had to remind myself she was a girl and it wasn’t right to kick her away.

Once the call was made, I put my phone back in my pocket and gently removed my leg from her clutches and stepped away to wait for the cab. As I paced back and forth frustrated that I was stuck taking care of Lily again, I let my thoughts drift to another girl that I would much rather be with right now.


It still surprised me the effect she had on me. I had never felt this way about a girl, ever. Being the pitcher of our, until today, undefeated baseball team had it’s perks and it’s choice of girls. I wasn’t a hard core player type, but I was a guy and can admit to taking advantage of the perks. Lily was my only relationship, if you could even call it that. We weren’t serious but we did do the normal date stuff like movies and dinner. I knew the minute I caught her with that guy and felt nothing, that she wasn’t special to me and to cut her before she got too clingy.

I wasn’t in the market for a relationship, in fact, I was ready to play around a little, until Monday when my mom was stuck working late and I had to pick up my brother. He’s my favorite little dude in the whole world and we’re close, which is why I already liked this Lylah person he always talked about, even if I hadn’t met her. She was good to my brother, and spent extra time with him. It was what he needed after the loss of our dad, and missing our mom because she always had to work. I helped out with my job as a pizza delivery driver, but during baseball season, I didn’t have many hours due to games and practices.

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