Lesson Learned (4) [COMPLETED]

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Your eyes remained closed throughout the entire trip to the . You were semi-conscious, the throbbing in your head causing weak groans to escape your lips as Professor Sprout used the levitation spell to get you there faster. Harrison had decided to continue on with the match with only the six remaining players on the team, so he stayed at the pitch, but you knew that wherever you were going, Tom wasn't far behind. You couldn't pick out his voice in all the commotion surrounding you as you entered the castle, but you took comfort in knowing he was there. was the head nurse and she was immediately at your side when you were placed down on a hard cot inside the rectangular room.

"She was knocked off her broom and fell at least 30 meters," Professor Sprout explained as Madam Pomfrey moved her hands over your arms and legs to feel for broken bones. Her fingers grazed over your left wrist, causing you to hiss loudly.

"What are you doing, you're hurting her!" Tom's voice came through loud and clear for the first time since you left the pitch, but the throbbing in your head was not allowing you to open your eyes to see him.

"Mr. Holland, you can either keep your gob shut or return to your common room," Madam Pomfrey scolded, looking up at him as she continued her work on your body. She turned back to Professor Sprout and whispered something inaudible to her before she took out her wand and held it over your left arm. "," she spoke, and the dull pain from where her fingertips had been was immediately gone and a bandage was woven tight around your wrist.

Once some of the pain was relieved, you lost consciousness.

You woke up sometime later and the lights peering through the large stained glass windows burned your freshly opened eyes. Your head still throbbed slightly, but it was bearable as you took in the room around you. It was empty aside from a young first year who had the flu and was laid on a bed on the other side of the room. You were out of your quidditch uniform and put into a Hufflepuff t-shirt and some night pants and you assumed they changed your clothes magically while you were asleep.

From the light shining in, it appeared to be the morning as it was coming from the east and you sighed, knowing you're going to miss a full day's lessons.

You were a bit disappointed that Tom wasn't there when you woke up, but if he was going to be able to take his NEWT exams, he couldn't be missing classes.

"Ah, you're awake," Madam Pomfrey's chipper voice pierced your ears as she emerged from behind a curtain in the corner of the room. She walked up and handed you a cup filled to the brim with bright green liquid.

"What's this?" you say, groggily, eyeing the bubbles that emerged from the bottom of the unsightly drink.

"This is . This should help you regain some strength and you'll be healed up in no time," she said releasing the cup into your hands. You stared at it for a moment before taking a sip as your eyes stayed in contact with hers.

The taste was ungodly and it smelled of a mix between rotten eggs and mint. You gagged and coughed as you set the cup down on your bedside table beside your wand.

"Well, what did you expect, pumpkin juice?" Madam Pomfrey snickered, shaking her head as she turned to walk back to her station that was situated behind the curtain.

The bell rang out from the courtyard, startling you a bit and signaling that it was nine in the morning. Tom would just be getting out of Arithmancy and you hoped he would stop by to see you before he headed off to . You heard footsteps enter the room and your eyes snapped over to the door only to find Harrison walking towards you. You couldn't help but feel disappointed that it wasn't Tom, but a familiar face was nice, even if that face was a bit miffed at you.

"Hey, mate. Glad to see you've joined the living again," he chuckled, placing a folder of your days assignments on the foot of your bed.

"Thanks," you say awkwardly, remembering that he now knows that you and Tom have been seeing each other. You weren't sure how much he knew, you just remember Tom's words back on the pitch.

"Y/N!" Tom's voice approached you and you wanted so badly to open your eyes and look at him.

"What are you doing here, Holland?" you heard Haz snap, undoubtedly keeping him away from you.

"I'm checking on my girlfriend, mate so i suggest you step off," Tom retorted harshly.

There was a silence that fell upon you as you thought back to the night before.

"Look, about Holland," Haz started, making your head snap up at the mention of Tom's name, "I can't say I'm supportive of you two, but you didn't have to lie, you know? I would have got over it," Harrison sighed, making you feel even worse than you already did, "and I should probably tell you that he ripped Slytherin's coach a new one for allowing their seeker to side swipe you like that," he continued, making you blush and chuckle a bit at the thought of your protective boyfriend.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was just trying to avoid one of my best friends hating my b-boyfriend," you responded, stuttering as the word 'boyfriend' left your lips for the first time out loud. Harrison nodded, seemingly understanding why you decided not to tell anyone about the new relationship.

"Hey guys!" Y/F/N chimed in, walking up behind Harrison and leaning her arm on his shoulder. "You really got your clock cleaned yesterday girl," she chuckled, making Harrison suppress a laugh and you roll your eyes.

"Speaking of the game, did we get our asses whooped?" You ask, flinching because you were sure you knew the answer.

"Actually, Mr. All-star here caught the snitch about twenty minutes after you were taken out," Y/F/N smiled, nudging Harrison in the side. His shrugged as a smirk rested on his lips as well.

"Are you serious!?" Your voice rebounded off the stone walls, causing Madam Pomfrey to peer around her curtain at the three of you. You glance at her apologetically and she returned to her previous activities.

"We gotta go, Y/F/N," Haz nudged her back as he looked off to the other side of the room where the entrance to the rest of the castle was.

"What, wh-" she was interrupted as she looked where he was looking as well. "Oh, yeah, we have a...thing," she excused them both, poorly, causing you to furrow your brows. What in the world?

Just as they made it to the door, a familiar pair of dark brown eyes entered the room, and to your surprise, he smiled at Haz. You were confused as to why they were all the sudden being so friendly to each other, but that was something you'd ask later. You couldn't help but grin as he walked towards you with a box of from Honeydukes, otherwise known as your favorite sweet in the whole world.

"How you feeling, darling?" Tom cooed, leaning down to place a chaste kiss on your forehead, but you leaned up and connected your lips instead. You were relieved that you didn't have to hide from anyone anymore and you could finally be proud to show him off. He seemed shocked at your action, after all, you were only a Hufflepuff, but he kissed you back nonetheless. His free hand reached up and cupped the back of your neck as he leaned down, deepening the kiss and smiling gin the process. He definitely had learned never to underestimate a Hufflepuff, let alone you. 

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