Lesson Learned (2)

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It had been two weeks since you began tutoring Tom and his manners had steadily improved, enough so to where he didn't push your patience to its limits every time you were together, but you still didn't want anyone to know you were spending hours and hours with him. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you met in study hall after supper, with you being extra careful not to let any of your teammates see you together.

"Y/N, I'll see you after your tutoring session," Y/F/N waved as she headed in the opposite direction towards your common room. You smiled and made your way to the staircase that headed up to the study hall. Once at the top of the stairs, you turned right and immediately you saw Harrison standing directly outside the large wooden door that led to Tom. Harrison was leaning against the wall, talking up some sixth year Gryffindors who were fawning over the attractive seeker. You froze in your tracks, panicking slightly. Before he could turn his head towards you, you retreated back down the stairs, almost sprinting to the bottom.

"Shit, shit, shit," you whispered to yourself, knowing that Tom was expecting you in a few minutes, but there was no way to get back to the hall without passing by Harrison. Then, suddenly, you remembered that Fred and George Weasley discovered a on the ground floor of the castle while they were in school, that lead to the second floor corridor. You had never used it, but a few of your friends in Ravenclaw have said that it saves time when rushing between classes.

You made it to the bottom of the staircase and headed straight, passing the great hall where you had just had supper. You went and turned left, heading towards the , but taking an immediate right towards the tapestry corridor. The long hallway was covered with the moving portraits of famous witches and wizards and you immediately spotted the largest tapestry in the corridor, it was green and black and there was a portrait of Severus Snape that hung on top of it. You approached cautiously, the painting of Snape watching you with a slight grimace.

"A Hufflepuff? What business do you have in this part of the castle?" Snape's low, judgmental tone startled you. You didn't answer his question, only stating the password you were given by a Ravenclaw that would reveal the hidden entrance to the stairwell.

"," you rushed, causing Snape to roll his eyes and his portrait to swing open, revealing a rip in the tapestry behind him.

You looked around cautiously, making sure no one saw you as you moved the tapestry to the side, the dark stairwell revealing itself to you. You gulped, stepping inside and taking out your wand as the tapestry returned to its spot, leaving you in the pitch black darkness.

"," you chanted, your wand lighting up a bright blue and allowing you to see the next five or six steps in front of you. You stepped forward carefully, making sure to watch out for trick steps, since that was a common theme throughout the castle. You made it to the top of the stairs, a two way mirror blocking the exit.

"," you whispered, causing your wand to go out, leaving the yellow light of the corridor shining on your face through the glass. You waited for a moment, making sure that the corridor was clear before pushing it open and stepping out. You sighed in relief as you entered the second floor study hall, Tom locking eyes with you as you entered through a side entrance, his brown curls framing his face and you caught yourself thinking that he looked pretty good with messy hair. He smiled as you walked towards him, swinging one leg over the bench before sitting and setting your heavy books to the side as well. Gosh, his smile is amazing.

"Where'd you come from," he chuckled as you settled in, getting out the first book you would be working out of.

"N-nowhere, just took an alternate route," you stuttered, making him look at you with furrowed brows. He rolled his brown eyes, causing you to realize that you were thinking about him in all the wrong ways and the realization of how he was hit you like a ton of bricks.

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