Lesson Learned (3)

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It'd had been a week since you and Tom kissed in the storage closet, and with each passing day, you found yourself liking him more and more as well as finding it harder and harder to keep your time together a secret. His brown eyes made you melt under his gaze and you found yourself thinking of his lips more so than your studies, which all of your friends seemed to notice. Meeting in the study hall was still the plan every Tuesday and Thursday night, but now, you two met at least once every other day, somewhere you wouldn't be seen by anyone.

"Hey, darling," his voice came from behind you as you leaned next to one of the few trees in the . You jumped, turning quickly to see those brown eyes and a soft smile. Tom's hands went to your waist, pulling you closer to him, but you flattened your hand on his chest, pushing him away lightly.

"Not here, there's too many people," you giggled, turning your head to the side so hopefully he wouldn't notice your smitten expression.

"Fuckin' hell, I want to kiss you," he whispered, causing you to roll your eyes, the blush on your cheeks deepening.

You'd become accustomed to this side of Tom, he wasn't the cocky, rich quidditch player that everyone knew him as. You felt special that you were able to see a softer side to him, and you were falling dangerously fast for it.

"You're going to have to wait until after my quidditch match. I have to get going," you murmured, biting your lip as you glanced his way again to find him gazing at you with those stupid puppy dog eyes.

"Meet me under the spectator tower closest to the tunnels after the game? Maybe we can squeeze in a little snogging before my match," Tom flirted, his eyebrows moving up and down jokingly, making you chuckle.

Before he turned to leave, he looked around the courtyard, making sure no one noticed when he pulled out his wand. You cocked your head to the side, wondering what he was about to do.

"Rose," he said quietly, moving his hand in a half-circle motion. Just then, a red rose from the bushes over near the castle flew to him. He grasped it, a stupidly attractive smile gracing his features.

"What's this for?" You ask, not believing that he could even be real.

"For the prettiest girl at Hogwarts," he smirked, handing the rose over to you. Your cheeks heated up as you took it from his hand, giving it a sniff.

"Thank you," you whispered softly, wanting nothing more than to lean in and kiss him, but you were afraid of who might see.

"I'll see you after the game, yeah?" he spoke, backing away from you slowly.

You nodded as he turned to head back to , looking back and sending a playful wink your way.

After heading back to your common room and putting on your uniform, you stepped out from the dormitories to see your team all sitting by the fire with Haz at the front with a chalkboard.

"Okay, I think everyone's here now," he said, smirking at you because you were a few minutes late. "So, this game against Slytherin is going to be pretty tough. They have a new keeper who is absolutely ridiculous. Gryffindor couldn't get anything by him, so we need a strategy," Haz continued. You paid close attention to your captain, trying hard to keep your mind from wondering to Tom like it had been lately.

After your team meeting, you and your teammates headed out to the pitch with your brooms in hand. You walked a few steps behind Haz as you entered through a tunnel near the scorekeepers tower. You stopped near the entrance to the pitch, waiting for your team to be announced. , the flying instructor and referee was positioned in the middle of the pitch, her black and white robes standing out against the green grass in the center of the large oval.

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