Chapter 1- First meeting

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Jungkook POV

"Bye Hyungs!!" I yelled over my shoulder as I leave the dorm. As I walk out the door a cold breeze blows past me making me thankful for the thick jacket I put on. It is quite late and the night sky is full of stars tonight which lightens my mood. I look at the sky and find the brightest star, I make a wish on that star. A wish to find what I am missing; love.

Everyone would think I have the perfect life as an idol with all I have; friends, family, money ,popularity and more. I am thankful to have such a great life but love is what I'm missing and that's what I need most in my life. Being and idol isn't easy, at all. And I just cant help but imagine coming home to my lover after a long day and forgetting all of my troubles from that day.

As I arrive at the convenience store I grab some snacks that my hyungs requested, go to the fridge for banana milk then go to the register. After I leave the store I didn't want to arrive home so soon, as it is such a nice evening, so I took a different way home. As I'm walking I hear small whimpers that gradually get louder as I walk further, I soon realise that the faint cries are coming from the alley.

I know I really shouldn't walk into dark alleys at night but the heartbreaking mewls are getting the best of me and I decide to see what's happening. "Hello?" I call out and almost immediately the cries stop. "Is anyone here? I heard crying." I can faintly here some shuffling and follow the sounds to behind a dumpster. As I walk closer I see a fuzzy white tail that has some dirt on it. Is there a cat here? Is it hurt?

"Kitty? Come out i wont hurt you i promise~" I say as I walk closer. I pull the dumpster away from the wall, and quickly look behind it before the cat can run away. My eyes land on a small, fragile boy with cat ears and a tail. He looks up at me with wide eyes that show fear and I am unable to do anything due to shock, because I did not expect a hybrid to be here. Hybrids are highly treasured in society and I don't understand why there would be one in a dirty alley.

After a few seconds I come back to my senses and only then do i realise the state the Hybrid is in. His petite body is only in a dirty white oversized sweater, ripped jeans and scruffy converse, which is not appropriate considering the cold weather. His face is slightly dirty but surprisingly beautiful; fluffy blonde hair, big doe eyes, a cute nose with a small mole at the tip and plump pink lips. After analyzing the boy I notice him shivering and immediately take off my jacket to give to him.

"Here, you must be cold put this on" I say to him while giving him the jacket, he looks at the jacket then back at me wearily. "It's okay you can take it, I know your cold, please." after hearing these words from he slowly takes the jacket and puts it on.

"What's your name?" I ask, he looks at me shyly then looks away "Taehyung" I hear him whisper. "Taehyung?" I repeat after him, "yes, Taehyung" he replies. "What are you doing here Taehyung? Where is your owner?" I ask him. He looks down sadly and I instantly feel bad. "Owner is bad, so I ran away" he says and my eyes widen. "Do you have a place to stay?" I ask softly, he looks back at me with teary eyes and my heart breaks. "no" it's barely over a whisper but I still catch it.

"Would you like to come home with me?" I ask without hesitation. He doesn't say anything so I study his reaction, I can see the way his eyes flash with hope then fear. "You can trust me I promise, I live with my hyungs they are the kindest people I know, we would love to have you in our home. You will be safe there, no more bad owners, I promise" I say to reassure him while giving him a small smile. "Taetae can trust you? You wont hurt him?" he asks. "I promise nobody will hurt you anymore Taetae." I reply. After some silence I ask"Can I take you home now? It's getting late". He gives me a nod with an adorable smile that resembles a box and I positively melt. I hold his hand and lead him home.

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